Saturday, January 6, 2018

Infinite Loop: Nothing But The Truth #3 - Review

Clockmakers and Rocket ships

Written by: Pierrick Colinet and Elsa Charretier   
Art: Daniele Di Nucuolo
Colors: Sarah Stern
Letters: Ed Dukeshire
Publisher: IDW
Reviewer: Andrew McAvoy

The previous two issues in this series have accomplished a lot. The stage has been set, we are invested in the characters, we are familiar with the context, and the wider developments away from the central storyline. In a mere two issues, a world has been made. Now its time to crank it up a gear in the critical third issue of this 6 issue story. Let's see how it goes. Buckle up. 

Well, it won't come as any surprise to those who have been reading this series so far that the third issue is high quality. What did come as a surprise to me was the sheer burst of energy that is unleashed by this issue. I wasn't exaggerating about the sophistication of the scene setting. To use a metaphor the first two issues were like a master clockmaker (probably from Switzerland - I think they do clocks and cheese very well there...oh and neutrality) laying out all the little cogs and springs, assembling them in the right place. This issue sees the clock being wound up and all the little parts laid so neatly in place springing into action. It was a joy to behold, so well done to Colinet and Charretier because that is no mean feat. Wonderful to see the craft of comic writing done so well. 

If the craft of the storytelling is akin to a master clockmaker then the art in this issue is the equivalent of a NASA space launch. It has all the energy of the engines burning brightly, and all the serenity of the glide to space once the rockets have been dispatched. The rendering of three scenes stand out for me in this book. The first is seeing Ron's daughter's reaction to her father. The art team of Di Nucuolo and Stern just encapsulate perfectly that tone of desperation in her features as she watches her father's plight in this issue. Secondly the violence of Caïn's demise and the casualness with which it is treated by Doc. Finally, the sheer energy with which Teddy frees herself in the opening pages and the release of her frustrations on Caïn (see pic below). All rendered perfectly. 

Bits and Pieces

This book is wonderful and IDW have a real treasure with this team. Special mention should go to my favorite comic book artist at the moment Elsa Charettier. Although she isn't on art duties in this run (she was the artist on the first Infinite Loop series), she does give us one hell of a comic book cover for this issue as well as taking co-credit for the wonderful writing. A really talented professional. This issue is the full package, fantastic cover, writing, art, and color. Something to be relished.


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