Friday, January 5, 2018

Injustice 2 #39 Review

Injustice 2 #39
Writer: Tom Taylor
Art Team: Bruno Redondo, Juan Albarran, Rex Lokus

DC Comics
Release Date: January 2, 2018
Cover Price: $.99

Battle of the Baddies
There's one things that will stop me from reading a comic in a heartbeat and that is if it lacks intrigue and surprise luckily Injustice 2 consistently has lots of both and it doesn't let up this issue. Last we left our characters Batman and Zod were battling things out in the North Pole and Batman, with the use of a few tools, had Zod on the ropes. That's how we left things so lets see how they resume this week.

Batman resumes laying the beat-down on Zod in a Kryptonian Battle Armor, after using a type of fear toxin on him during last issues cliffhanger, for killing Tim Drake. Ra’s notices the blips on the radar, this fight is registering on the Richter Scale, and since he’s able to actually see who is involved in the conflict, he decides his best action would be to intervene.

Conveniently for Batman, just as Zod begins gathering his bearings, Ra’s Al Ghul’s help has has arrived in the form of Amazo. Batman, in this continuity isn't all to familiar with whats going on, while Zod confronts the robot challenging it immediately. Zod severely underestimates Amazo and gets his head ripped of his body for doing so, as Amazo takes off, with Zod’s head, bothering zero with Batman and company.

Out of nowhere our book concludes with Batman visiting Ted Grant, a.k.a. Wildcat, still in the hospital after suffering multiple gunshot wounds from the attack on Ra’s base. The doctor stresses to Batman he may never wake up and the issue concludes in a strange manner that makes me question if this character is really the Batman we were reading about previously in this issue.

Overall this was an action packed issue of Injustice 2 but not one I really enjoyed the developments of in a large way. Sure Im O.K. with Zod being taken off the board, but I really dont understand the second half of the issue in the hospital much at all, and had really had forgotten about Wildcat altogether since its been so long since he’s been around lately. I think we’ll obviously get more of that next issue but it was a strange way to end things here and one of the few cliffhangers that hasnt pumped me up for next issue.

The art still looks great this issue as it does every issue of this weekly series …. It really makes you wonder why some books have a hard time keeping a monthly schedule with the same art team when this book meets a high weekly demand for quality.

Bits and Pieces

This was an action packed but slightly less exciting issue than we’ve been getting lately, largely because the last act and ending of the story left me really confused. Other than that the series continues to interest me as Im really invested in the story at large which always has a consistently great look.


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