Monday, January 1, 2018

Secret Warriors #11 Review - Marvel Monday

All Hail Queen Lunella!

Writer: Matthew Rosenberg
Artist: Javi Garron
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Release Date: December 27, 2017

Cover Price: $3.99

Last issue, Inferno was rocketing his way to Mister Sinister with the last chance at an Inhuman future in his hands. Inferno shattered the Royal Throne, to obtain the last of the terrigen crystals, with them he hoped to trade for his niece. In doing so he left his team holding the bag full of consequences at New Attilan. I for one can't wait to see how Rosenberg begins to wrap this story up.

We open, in New Attilan with Iso and the whole Inhuman Community thinking the Warriors have betrayed them. The Warriors have to run away, regroup, and find Inferno before the Inhumans and Sinister do, in order to set things right. The Warriors retreat to Moon Girl's lab to get a invention that will allow them to track Inferno.

The Warriors get the drop on Sinister but not before Inferno negotiated the release of his niece. He offered himself plus the terrigen crystals (he is not a good negotiator). Inferno just gave Sinister everything he needs to control the making of Inhumans. Mister Sinister uses the public's ire at the team to slip away with Inferno and the crystals but leaving Inferno's infant niece behind.

Everything ends up culminating into an outstanding battle at the Tower of Wisdom, which is Mister Sinister's main lab. He has developed a new mist but needs to test it. Unfortunately for him, a mutant, he gets to test it. Moon Girl in a desperate effort kicks the test tube out of his hand and he breaths in the new untested formula. You have to remember the old terrigen mist was poisonous to mutants. This new mist will possibly kill him or it will possibly transform him?  We don't find out cause he is able to escape.

This all turns out to be an elaborate plan by Karnak to try to instill Moon Girl as the new leader of the Inhumans, while at the same time making a new Inhumans life giving substance. It all falls apart when Moon Girl turns the leadership down. Karnak and Inferno are both banished from New Attilan for their insurrections. Quake destroys the lab and the Inhumans are still wondering how are they going to continue existing. Maybe the Royal family will come back to save them?

Bits and Pieces:

Questions get answers in this penultimate issue. Some of the transitions between scenes felt a little forced and confusing, but considering how much got packed into this issue its understandable. The art and the writing are still really spot on though. I think this run gives you a really good sample of all the characters involved. Making this a great trade in the future to give to comic lovers and skeptics a like.


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