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Marvel Two-In-One #2 Review - Marvel Monday

Marvel Two-In-One #2

Writer: Chip Zdarsky
Art Team: Jim Cheung, John Dell, Walden Wong, Frank Martin
Marvel Comics
Release Date: January 24, 2018
Cover Price: $3.99

Doom the Stalker
The Marvel Two in One, starring Thing and Johnny, surprised the shit out of me with issue one. I legit thought it was one of the better Marvel Comics I’ve read in a long long time and was excited for this second issue after a perfect combination of character and plot development in the story. So without further ado let's stop blowing the book for a second here and dive into issue two and see if issue two has the same amount of heart.

The issue starts off with Thing having a conversation with Alicia Masters, a long time supporting character of the Fantastic Four. Thing is having a crisis of sorts about not being 100% honest with Johnny about exactly what the hologram Reed told him in his will.

Two days later
Johnny and Thing are testing out the FantastiCar, we get a quick recap of last issue in a word bubble, as the two approach what they think is the answer to their first clue … the device their looking for is hidden on Monster Island.

As the two heroes explore the island looking for the ‘Multisec’ and approach a cave opening they’d enter. Johnny, when it gets dark, goes flame on inside the cave to reveal the two surrounded by Mole Man, his accomplices, Googam (son of Goom) and former enemies. Mole Man makes the deal to anyone who will listen “whoever trouce these two gets to rule”.

From here we get some beautifully rendered fight scenes as Thing and Johnny (with Flame On of course) start battling with the surrounding forces. It starts looking Grimm (pardon the pun) when Johnny Flame flickers out … however their stalker Dr. Doom arrives in the nick of time neutralizing the mole men and company.

Googam declares “metal man new island president” orders his new followers to “take his political rivals (Mole Man himself) away” so he can have a moment to chat with Thing and Johnny. The talk doesn't go very well as Thing and Doom exchange not so nice words back and forth, with Doom concluding Reed sent these two on a wild goose chase, never actually finishing his “project” as he storms off basically laughing at the Fantastic Two.

We go to a past awards ceremony celebrating Victor Von Doom and a physics award as Reed and Ben look on. The flashback goes on to recap Reed and Ben’s ‘real first mission’ as the two sneak into the school to deface Victors name on the award and change it to Victor Von Doof. Each time it was changed back Reed would go back and change it again forever angering Victor.

Present Day
We flash to Johnny and Thing back in the school and pulling the very same trophy out of the case. Thing opens the bottom of the award and pulls out the Multisect as the two debate where they should start their adventuring.

Overall the Marvel Two in One revival series has been an abolsute hit so far. Thing and Johnny's chemistry is off the chart and when Doom arrives it still feels like old times despite his best attempts to turn baby face lately.  Chip Zdarksy deserves all the credit in the world so far by making this a standouot book to follow at Marvel only two issues in. If you've been on the fence with some of Marvel's story choices of late this will bring you back ... being only two issues in it should be hard to catch up. 

Bits and Pieces

Only two issues into the series Chip Zdarksy, and a killer art team of Jim Cheung, John Dell, Walden Wong, and Frank Martin, are able to capture the classic Fantastic Four look and feel, while also adding the perfect about of heart, missing from a lot of titles of late. If you're forced to only by one Marvel series right now, this would be it, hands down.


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