Tuesday, January 30, 2018

PREVIEW: Justice League of America/Doom Patrol #1

Got Milk?

Writers: Steve Orlando & Gerard Way 
Illustrator: Aco, Hugo Petrus 
Colorists: Tamra Bonvillain & Marissa Louise 
Letterer: Clem Robins 
Special Thanks to: David Lorenzo Riveiro 
Back-Up Script: Magdalene Visaggio 
Back-Up Art & Color: Sonny Liew 
Back-Up Letters: Todd Klein 
Cover: Frank Quitely 
Cover Price: $4.99 
On Sale Date: January 31, 2018

“MILK WARS” part one! Welcome to the un-event of the year! Kicking off a line-wide adventure, DC’s Young Animal collides with the DC Universe to bring you a different kind of crossover.

Not a lot to go on, based on the solicit. Maybe the preview pages, which can be seen below, will yield more enticements!

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