Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Mystik U #2 Review

Oh, Oh, Oh It's Magik

Written by: Alisa Kwitney
Art by: Michael Norton and Jordie BellaireCover Price: $5.99
Release Date: January 31, 2018

I really liked the first issue of Mystik U and while that wasn't a total surprise, it was a pleasant one still.  This book had been delayed and canceled so often that I never thought it would see the light of day. Well, I'm glad it did because it scratched the Dark Universe itch that I didn't even know I wanted to scratch and so I'm sure those more inclined to like this sort of thing were jumping for joy.  So, is this second issue just as good?  Let's find out...

The issue opens with a prelude exchange between Rose and Richard where Rose agrees to let her other half look for the Malevolence as long as he promises not to kill any of the students.  It's then off to a scene with Zatana trying to do magic for Mr. E, but even as he tells her the odds are skewed in her favor, she continues to fail miserably.  It's then off to Dr. Occult's Introduction to Summoning Class and if you want to throw shade at this book for being DC's Harry Potter go ahead, that's one of the reasons I like it so much!

The lesson is all about summoning an Elemental and while it was cool to see each's students different methods, I suspect that Occult had more going on here than just a beginner's lesson.  It pretty much ends up with more bad grades for Zatanna, but her luck turns quickly as she is invited to rush Triae Society...whatever that is.  It certainly has something to do with bees!

It's like a typical college party...talking, dancing, a nectar of the gods that unlocks your potential.  Pia continues being my favorite character as she acts like a lump on a log (like me!) while Zatanna gets chummy with Faust.  It all goes downhill quickly and the gang leaves, but the Triae Society act all mysterious and evil and I don't trust them one damn bit!  As the issue continues, Zatanna gets more and more into the Society and it's already causing a rift between her and Pia.  It is, however, making her better at magic and also very sleepy.

We continue with a good moment with Pia and Plop (second favorite character!) about appearances, a little more background on Faust and then a real close up look at what Sebastian really is deep down inside.  It leads to Zatanna being a jerk to Pia and really, this whole plotline of romance between Zatanna and Faust seemed hurried and was not set up well enough to have much of an impact.

The issue continues with the reader, and Zatanna, seeing what the Society was after all along, Faust getting a visit from his father and the whole gang showing up to save Z.  Unfortunately, it looks they also summoned the Malevolence in the process.  It all leads to a little downtime before a cliffhanger that can't be real but is certainly crazy!

I liked this issue, maybe a little less than the first, but there are some really good things going on here.  While the story was a bit disjointed and felt like a couple of longer scenes minimized and crammed together, Alisa Kwitney does some really good character work and her dialogue is great.  I just wish she had more time and issues to really flesh everything out.  I loved the art is this issue.  Again, it's all about the characters and Michael Norton does a great job with all of them.

Bits and Pieces:

I continue liking what Alisa Kwitney is giving us here even though this issue felt a bit more pieced together and rushed than the first.  If you like good character work and art with a magical twist, this book is something you should check out.


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