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Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #30 Review - Marvel Monday

All-New Fantastic Four

Writer: Brandon MontclareArtist: Natacha BustosPublisher: Marvel ComicsRelease Date: April 25, 2018Cover Price: $3.99

Moon Girl has really been on a roller coaster ride of emotion as of late. She is normally based solely in Manhattan's Lower East Side. That was until she heard a distressed voice out in the cosmos during one of her many experiments. Did you know she is the smartest person on earth? 

On her return trip from telling Ego the Living Planet that he is a bad father and he should pay more attention to his daughter, Lunella decided to returned Devil Dinosaur back to his home time. This was an eye-watering I'm not going to cry because I'm a man moment. In this arc, we have been following Lunella as she tries to fill the void of her missing best friend with new friends Human Torch and the Thing calling themselves the Fantastic Three. Needing a fourth member Lunella searched the cosmos for the perfect member and now Devil Dinosaur is back and I'm so happy! But is his added help going to be enough to defeat the Super-Skrull before he unleashes Omnipotentis the universe devourer? 

We Open to the newly formed Fantastic Four on a roof staring at a ship rising out of the river right below the vortex that is opening to let in Omnipotentis to our universe. As Moon girl explains the severity of the situation to the newly returned Devil Dino we get the customary happy to see you loving lick from our transient tyrannosaurs rex. 

After that we get our team attacking with the Human Torch taking the lead. Johnny flies into the Skrull ship destroying it in the process. The ship lands on the bridge and the team races to the wreckage. 

Through the vortex in the space in-between universes Galactus and the Silver Surfer battle Omnipotentis with no hopes of defeating her. They only hope to buy some much needed time. Just enough time for the Fantastic Four to beat the Super-Skrull and turn of the doohickey that is powering the vortex. 

Back on the Manhattan Bridge, The Thing thinks he has found his buddy The HumanTorch buried under the rubble of the destroyed ship. It turns out to be the Super-Skrull and the fight is on! With a flame on Johnny pops out of the rubble and with an Its clobbering time the Four bust into action. The Super-Skrull is protecting his Synthesized power cosmic machine while holding off the attack. The Super-Skrull puts up his defensive shield to protect against the onslaught. Lunella tries to think of a smart way around the force shield. When Devil Dinosaur walks up and pops the Skrulls bubble by stepping on the sinister shape-shifter (an anti-climatic moment but kind of funny). Thing and Torch go ham on the machine while Devil Dino pulls the Skrull from between his toes. Lunella travels up to the vortex to retrieve the Surfer and Galactus. Omnipotentis vows to see our galaxy destroyed… eventually.

Back on Earth Lunella tells her team its not you it's me and breaks up with Fantastic Four but in a rousing speech, she is able to send them away with hope in their hearts that the rest of their team is still out there somewhere.

Finally alone with her best friend in the whole world she apologizes for her mistake at sending her friend away and she admits sometimes even the smartest person on the planet makes mistakes.

Bits and Pieces:

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur is a really fun and light-hearted read. There is so much potential for character growth in this series I look forward to following her for years to come. I loved the idea of injecting the Fantastic Four into this book at the start. By the end though I am glad to see them go their own separate ways. I am just so happy to have Devil Dinosaur back. Beautiful colors and witty charismatic writing really sets this book out as a great comic for all ages. 


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