Thursday, May 3, 2018

DC Comics Best Covers of the Week: May 2, 2018

New Real Estate for Variant Covers

Calling all variant covers! Calling all variant covers! Have I got a deal for you! Right now, DC Comics is offering plush, (nearly) logo-free space for you to spread out and luxuriate in all your variant greatness. I'm sort of on the fence about it for now, but I do think it's a great idea to let these images stand alone! Will artists make the most of this design change? Check out this week's Best Covers list and find out! 


DC Nation #0 Batman variant
Clay Mann
Alright, I don't really give two hoots about the current storyline in Batman, but this image just looks cool as hell. I like the implication of a much larger story, one that perhaps I'd prefer reading than what's being currently doled out. I also like that this image looks sort of like something you might see on a Tarot card.

Batman #46 variant
Oliver Copiel
Here's our first look at the new DC Comics variant covers design's pretty cool. This image is definitely served better by not having the Batman logo and a bunch of copy scrawled all over it. Frankly, this well-composed image might not have made the list otherwise. So good on you, DC, ya done artists and art appreciators a good turn.

Nightwing #44 variant
John Romita Jr. and Danny Miki
When he doesn't have to render faces, that John Romita Jr. can draw a pretty sweet picture. This one is reminiscent of Jack Kirby by way of Frank Miller. That's a compliment, not just name-dropping. I suspect Danny Miki's expert inking hand had much to do with the success of this cover. He did a bunch of comps to get it just right, as Miki tweeted here.

Batman #46
Tony S. Daniel and Danny Miki
Surprise, surprise, Tony Daniel creates another amazing image. I almost wish this were the variant cover, so we could get a clean look at it, but the Batman logo does help add a little more golden color to the composition. This is like a totem pole of DC Comics characters, and it looks dynamic as heck.

Green Arrow #40
Tyler Kirkham
Uh, this looks bad-ass. Of course I love the #dcdialoguecover, but it's also the floating, battered head of Oliver Queen against a mottled green background that is striking as hell. This grabbed some attention on Wednesday, I expect.

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