Monday, April 30, 2018

Star Wars: Darth Vader #15 Review - Marvel Monday

To What Depths Will Vader Sink

Writer: Charles Soule
Artist: Giuseppe Camuncoli
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Release Date: April 25, 2018

Cover Price: $3.99

Mon Cala, home of General Akbar, is under attack by the Galactic Empire. King Lee-Char valiantly fought back wiping all surface level stations from the water world like planet. In a dramatic display of whale mastery the Mon Calamari may have killed Darth Vader and their own King…or have they?

We open to an ink black panel somewhere in the Great Ungeness Trench. The familiar sound of a lightsaber firing up pierces the veil like a flare. Darth Vader is alive but descending rapidly to a crushing depth and he is running out of air. Before his suit implodes on him he is able to get a force shield formed around himself to push back on the mounting pressure. Before Darth has much time to even think about his current situation a giant squid appears to try and finish the job.

Caught by surprise Vader drops his lightsaber. The Giant squid wraps its tentacle around the black-hearted Jedi and begins to pull in the tasty morsel. As the squid brings Vader to its mouth Vader is able to get one hand free and touch his tentacled tormentor. Using the Force he controls the beast. Vader forces the beast to bring him to the surface. 

Vader’s Inquisitors were searching for their Lord. Before he even reaches the surface they are there for him. Boarding the vessel Vader questions the status of their situation. Is the Jedi that they came for dead..No. Is the King dead…we don't know. But before the king destroyed the surface areas they were able to get the location of the Jedi out of the King. Vader simply replies why have they not killed the offending Jedi then? They mistakingly say they were to busy rescuing him. To which Vader replies I Never Need Rescue. He also reprimands his squad, saying  "if the King did manage to survive the location they obtained for the Jedi might be compromised." 

We next see the rescue of the unconscious King by his people.

General Akbar is next leading the charge agains a floating Empire carrier. Using tactics unknown to the empire they are able to destroy this carrier. 

Back at home base, Akbar celebrates the survival of his King who is in a recovery stasis chamber.  He informs his King of the victory but he knows that this win is just a drop in the bucket. Akbar thinks they should try to reopen negotiations. The King disagrees he will not be happy until the Empire is no longer on his planet or even in control of the galaxy. The General respectfully asks the King if these thoughts are his or have they been implanted by the Jedi he has been seeing. 

At the mention of the Jedi, the King jumps into action to warn the Jedi that Vader is coming for him.

In space above Planet Mon Cala Governor Tarkin frustrated at these setbacks calls in two more star destroyers to escalate the situation.

Bits and Pieces: 

The art in this series is simply impeccable. As if every panel is pulled film clips from the movie. The story every time is fast paced and action packed. It's like you are following around a more intimidating Doctor Doom as he bends this galaxy to his each and every whim. 


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