Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Green Lanterns #46 Review

Remember The Fear

Written By: Tim Seeley
Art By: V. Ken Marion, Sandu Florea, Dinei Ribeiro, Dave Sharpe
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: May 2, 2018

I can't wait to get into this issue because I've been on the edge of my seat to finally find out what Jessica Cruz has locked away in her mind from the time that her friends were murdered, which caused her to become an agoraphobe for three years.  It's been a pretty twist filled ride so far, where hints seem to be dropped that lead us to believe........ or just speculate that Jessica may have had a more sinister part in her friends' deaths.  Let's jump into this issue and see if Tim Seeley is ready to reveal what actually went down and if we get anymore insight into why the realm of Volthoom seems to be nestled deep in Jessica's mind.  Let's check it out.

Now there are certain aspects to how the Green Lantern ring should work when you take it off that seem to be forgotten here when concerning Singularity Jain's confinements, but besides for that aspect that initially threw me off, I was on the edge of my seat reading this issue hoping beyond hope that we'd get the answers to everything that we've been waiting years to find out, plus some new developments that came out in the previous issue.  

Well, we get an answer to what's up with the Realm of the Green from Volthoom's ring being inside of Jessica's mind and while it did seem a little forced at first to me, by the end of the issue I was actually nodding my head at Tim Seeley's decisions that he made in incorporating Power Ring's realm here, but it's when we get a bit of new history added with a new character that Simon is forced to fight within this realm that I had a harder time swallowing.  Yeah, it doesn't hurt anything from what we had before and it only really takes a bit of tweaking one's own timeline head canon to make it work, but this new character felt odd from the get go for what's happening here.

Overall, with the reveals that we get here about Jessica's involvement in her friends deaths, it really allows you to understand the character and her guilt for what transpired, while also getting you hyped for what the revelation will mean for Jessica once she discovers the faces of the men who killed her friends that has been hidden deep within her subconscious.  The art in this issue looks great, the colors are vibrant and even though there are aspects to this issue that don't exactly sit well with me, overall this is probably the best arc of Green Lanterns that we've gotten so far and I can't wait to read more.

Bits and Pieces:

There's a great story going on here and while it's sometimes bogged down with the comic book fight that has to happen, the overall plot that we're getting here is probably the best arc of Green Lanterns that we've seen so far and when combined with fantastic art.......... Well, we certainly have something special here.  Except for a few personal hangups, this issue really grabbed and shook the hell out of me.  



  1. Hal Jordan is hiding behind the police car maintaining Singularity's restraints and repeating to himself "I used to be the Justice League's Green Lantern".

  2. This book hurt my head as I just cannot make it work. Maybe another read is needed and hearing your thoughts on the podcast may help as well... No more spoilers in America's Sweetart's reviews, you've got to listen in for the good stuff (I see what your doing).

  3. This was an okay issue, and I'm wondering if this stpry might be the reason that Jessica and Simmon are not partners in the up coming justice league Odysy team.