Thursday, August 23, 2018

DC Comics Best Covers of the Week August 22, 2018

"Covers" By Ice-T

Covers, covers, covers,
Covers, covers, covers,
Covers, covers, covers,
Covers, covers
I am a nightmare readin', funny book fiendin'
King of the comic shop, four-color bleedin'
Living life like Wolverine, quick is my fuse
But I'd still rather smoke cigars and drink brews
DC or Marvel, Dark Horse or Image, no difference
'Cause you can see their covers for zero cents
On the rack, comic covers don't die...they multiply
Covers, covers, covers

 The Flash #53 variant
Jonboy Meyers
The Flash eating Big Belly Burger on the run is a pleasant enough image to consider, but the real winner here is the coloring. It's so vibrant and alive, the Speed Force around The Flash is nearly more prominent than the character. The pose is a little stiff, however.

 Action Comics #1002
Patrick Gleason
This is is a deceptively effective cover: main character, posed prominently in the foreground, casting a stylized shadow that poses the question to be answered within the pages of the book. It's not the most original composition, but it works. Copious negative space also helps draw your eye to the image.

 Detective Comics #987 variant
Mark Brooks
Here's another variant cover for Detective Comics that looks like it could be a poster for the 1980 Tim Burton Batman film. Just an excellently-rendered image, nothing more. The action shot within the folds of Batman's cape is pretty sweet, offset by the warm coloring in the background.

 Justice League Dark #2
Raúl Fernandez, Alvaro Martinez
"IIII HAAAVVEE THE POWWWWEEERRRRRRR!!!" Here's a bunch of the DCU's magic-wielding characters, arranged in a pleasantly chaotic group. Wonder Woman is front and center, but the other characters hanging out in this M.C. Escher world add a lot of levity to what would otherwise be the equivalent of "female beefcake." And no, I don't mean "cheesecake" in this instance.

Teen Titans #21 variant
Alex Garner
I don't know what cannon of fun launched these Teen Titans into our faces, but I'm okay with it. Lobo's daughter looks positively helpless against whatever forces thrust her forward. I love the shading and painterly-style, and the motion of this cover. Superhero teams in cool poses looking menacing is a common comic book cover trope, and here it is again, expertly-wielded.

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