Friday, August 24, 2018

Top 5 Fridays: Top Five New Amalgam Characters We Would Love To See

Yea, I think it's a safe bet that we won't be seeing any new Amalgam books in the near future...or ever.  It's a shame because they are so much fun and I think that people would go nuts for them.  Well, I am not going to let the fact that it won't happen stop me from coming up with some Amalgam characters and teams I want to see.  If you aren't sure what all this means, you take a character from Marvel and another from DC and mash them together to get a brand new, Amalgam character.  If you have any ideas of your own, put them in the comments below.  this is one of those fun things with no wrong answers...unless Eric gets involved!

5. The Gangsters of the Galaxy

We need a bad guy team and why not get a mash-up of one of the best teams going now and put the villain twist on them?!?!  Here goes:

Scar Lord (Peter Quill/Star Lord & Victor Zsasz) - The son of an angel and a serial killer, Scar Lord is a psychopath that marks each job off by burning a mark in his skin.  If he runs out of skin...he'll just have to find someone else to burn.

Gamorra Grodd (Gamorra & Gorilla Grodd) - The daughter of the ruler of Gorilla Planet, she has vowed to return one day and take her place on the throne.

Brute (Groot & Bane) - Part plant, part human...He is Brute.  

Roxy Racoon (Rocket Racoon & Roxy Rocket) - Genetically engineered to be a test pilot for her planet's space program, Roxy found out that being bad pays way better. 

Draxamite (Drax & Daxamites) - The sole survivor of his race, he has sworn vengeance on Sin-Estro (Sinister & Sinestro) and will even team up with the worst of the worst to get it.

4. Jonah Rex 

(Devil Dinosaur & Jonah Hex) - During the Battle of Shiloh, a strange mist overtook the battlefield and while something strange happened to soldiers on both sides, nothing was as strange as what happened to the one they call Jonah Rex!

3. HellCharger

(Ghost Rider/Robbie Reyes & John Constantine) - You can tell the Sorcerer of Vengence is upon you when you see his flaming skull (it's always smoking), his long trench coat and his magically produced muscle car.

2. Booster Cold

(Iceman & Booster Gold) - He's the "Man frozen through time".  Drake Carter was a mutant from the future who stole a time-traveling device from El-Bac (Cable & Reverse-Flash) in order to save our present.  While he did save the day, he's now stuck here just looking for one last leap...home.

1. Gnarly Quinn

(Deadpool & Harley Quinn) - A brilliant, but dying psychologist, Harley volunteered for an experimental treatment that may have saved her life, but at what cost?  Now with a healing factor, plenty of open sores and a mind that's not quite right, she fights the good fight with her dual hammers of vengeance!

Honorable Mentions:  Mandarin Orange (The Mandarin & Larfleeze), The Burning Question (Human Torch & The Question), Lightning Bolt (Black Lightning & Black Bolt).

Again, I'd love to hear yours...


  1. HellCharger! I'd buy THAT for a dollar.

    How about "Vegeance"? Azrael/Punisher combo.

    He was trained from birth by a secret religious order to be the perfect assassin, but when he tries to leave and his family is killed in retribution, Frank Valley becomes their worst nightmare.

    1. nice!!!! Angel/Azrael "Avenging Angel", but yours is better!

  2. How about Thing from FF dons a trench coat and fedora, wears a faceless mask and becomes a conspiracy theorist like The Question. Call him... The Think

  3. White Lantern kyle + Nova = Nova Lantern
    Cyborg + Sliver Surfer = Silver Cyborg
    Lady Dark Claw = Batwoman + Lady Deathstroke

  4. I feel like amaglam could be a fun annual thing once a year DC and Marvel universe cross paths and we get crazy Overpowered comics lol