Tuesday, August 21, 2018

PREVIEW: Suicide Squad Annual #1

Task Force Ecch

Writer: Cullen Bunn 
Artist: Ronan Cliquet 
Colors: Jason Wright 
Letters: Pat Brosseau 
Cover: Paul Pelletier, Mick Gray, and Hi-Fi 
Assistant Editor: Andrea Shea 
Editors: Katie Kubert and Mike Cotton 
Group Editor: Brian Cunningham 
Cover Price: $4.99 
On Sale Date: August 22, 2018

-->Thrown together to apprehend an escaped inmate, Solomon Grundy, Rag Doll and Merlyn head into the muck surrounding Belle Reve, but no one is prepared for a meeting with the Swamp Thing. Bodies decay quickly in the bayous of Louisiana, and the avatar of the Green doesn’t care if the Squad makes it out alive.

What th'...? An extra issue of Suicide Squad? With a new team, even! Throw in Swamp Thing and I'm certainly interested. You can gauge your interest by looking some preview pages, added here for your convenience! 

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