Sunday, August 19, 2018

Skyward #5 Review

Girl in the Bubble 

Written by: Joe Henderson
Art by: Lee Garbett
Colors by: Antonio Fabela
Letters by: Simon Bowland
Publisher: Image Comics
Publication Date: 15 August 2018  

Skyward is a lovely book to read. I have a tendency when listening to music to really relish Stevie Wonder tracks when they come on the radio. I own the albums but listen to them sparingly so as to retain that sense of energy and vibrancy that Stevie Wonder has. Then when I listen it is pure bliss. This book gives me the same feeling. I quick hit of sunshine. Let's see if the closing book of the arc delivers more of the same. 

Well, it is 5 for 5 in this opening arc. The art in this issue really delivers a different look and feel with the art team taking on the challenge of presenting the action within a giant bubble of water floating through the city skyline. There is, therefore, a very different and interesting look to those sections. Elsewhere the design and redbrick cityscape, and futuristic traits lend a great backdrop to the fine character detail. 

The storyline meanwhile is action-packed for the first three-quarters as we see Willa struggle to protect her father. There is a rapid pace to the action but be warned as there is a real kick to the conclusion that might surprise you. The book ends on a note that suggests that Willa will have a considerable lifestyle adjustment in the next arc, and be sure to bring a tissue for when you are reading. 

Bits and Pieces:

What a great first five issues, wonderful art, great story, a light easy read, but one with significant depth. Buy it, revel in it and keep it on the shelf. This is a book you'll return to again to give you a hit of sunshine when you need it. Just like my Stevie Wonder records. 



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