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Edge of Spider-Geddon #1 Review - Marvel Monday

Edge of Spider-Geddon #1 Review

Writer: Jed MacKay
Art Team: Gerardo Sandoval, Brian Reber
Marvel Comics
Release Date: August 15, 2018
Cover Price: $3.99

Just Say No to the Man. 

Here we go. Just a few issues into the latest Spider-Man relaunch and we're entering into event territory already.  Kicking off Spider-Geddon is the 'Edge to' series of one shots the first featuring Spider-Punk, Hobart Brown. This is the sequel to the universe jumping Spider-Verse tale told by Dan Slott so if you enjoyed that you're in line for more of that craziness. Lets dive right into things here and checkout what the intro to this series is up to.

Events start on Earth-138 (a punk themed world), as Spider-'Punk' mixes it up with Thunderstrike, while some brief character intro occurs, and the reason for the fight between the two is revealed. Things take a quick turn when Kang shows up, however this isn't the Conqueror we all know, its Kang the Conglomerator!  The twist here is this Kang wants to take Spider-Punk, or Man as Hobbi likes to be called, into the future of 2099 to exploit his likeness further, which unsurprisingly Spider-Punk is not OK with!  Now if your missing the obvious punk music allegories the enjoyment level will vary obviously but I dug Spider-Punk the first time so this is more of the same for me and I can rock with it.

The exchange between the two parties eventually leads to the issues showdown, for most of the rest of the page count,  as Kang uses his corporations many 'Spider-Assets' as a means to kidnap the unwilling hero to take him back to 2099.  There's a nice mix of 'punk' elements throughout the story, and cameos as well, giving the issue a unique feel and making the world stand out from other Elseworld Spider spotlights. I enjoyed the style and substance of this issue but I could see how it may turn others off to the title with the complaint of a tad too much over the top corniness.

The one shot nature of the story begins to come to a wrap up by issues end with some nice closure, and a few additional unique surprises, before we get our tie in to Spider-Geddon at the very end with a Spider-Girl appearance.   She recruits Spider-Punk aboard to fight, the yet to be revealed, threat they'll be pursing, which he happily agrees to as the issue come to a close.

Overall, while I genuenily enjoyed the issue, and its spotlight into a day in the life of Spider-Punk, my one major complaint here would be that was all we got, with very little of what actually happened having any impact at all on the events of Spider-Geddon as a whole, other than to recruit Spider-Punk to the roster they're assembling. Other than that I liked the unquie aspects of Earth-138, the character mashups that we were presetned with, and how events in the issue unfolded as just a fun one shot story.

The art was top notch, with all character designs being very enjoyable, and all the action taking place being great fun to observe while obviously being a pleasure to look at.  Im sure each of these one shots will have their own creative teams but I'd like to see this one back on the Spider-Geddon book before too long.

Bits and Pieces

Overall the start to this 'Edge of Spider-Geddon' series was just a story about a day in the life of Spider-Punk on Earth-138 than about truly revealing any information about Spider-Geddon. If you're okay with that you'll most likely find some enjoyment out of this title that mixes punk culture tropes with a Spider-Man twist. I had some fun revisiting Spider-Punk enough to take a peek at the title but milage may vary.


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