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Throwback Thursday Reviews: Convergence: Batman and the Outsiders #2 (2015)

Character Wanted

Written by: Marc Andreyko
Art by: Carlos D'Anda and Gabe Eltaeb
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: May 20, 2015

I loved the first issue of Batman and the Outsiders because...I loved the Outsiders.  How could you not?  They were so great and Marc Andreyko did such an outstanding job of introducing them that I instantly fell in love with every member, except maybe Halo.  She was in a coma for most of the issue.  Of course, it wouldn't have been a Convergence tie-in without the Dome going down and the villain is introduced.  That did happen and it set up a battle with OMAC.  Yes, the One Man Army Corps is in the house and ready to cause trouble.

This issue starts with a simple (yet slightly disturbing) origin of OMAC.  I don't know about you, but Godmother scared the crap out of me with her big, ugly face. Nightmares aside, I loved seeing her control OMAC before the Dome went up and I just love this OMAC.  We then shift to the present and watch as the newly re-powered Outsiders get the band back together to kick the crap out of Omac and that awesome mohawk.

The main reason I loved the last issue was seeing how the Outsiders dealt with not having powers.  Unlike the other tie-ins, Andreyko showed a diverse group which included my favorite, Metamorpho.  I wish there was more of that again this issue, but the condensed nature of these stories makes that almost impossible.  Instead, we quickly get to the fight.

Unfortunately, the fight was a pretty basic affair.  Batman and the Outsiders fight OMAC while he fights them and also Godmother for control over...himself.  Again, it's a really cool idea that doesn't get enough time to breathe because of the limited time.  It also makes the finale less satisfying.

By the end, I started feeling bad for OMAC.  He didn't ask to be a One Man Army Corps with am awesome mohawk in control of monsters.  He didn't choose the OMAC life, the OMAC life chose him.  Watching him get his ass kicked just didn't feel right.  To make matters worse, Batman and the Outsiders keep kicking him when he's already down.

The issue ends with Batman and the Outsiders victorious, but at what cost?!?!  Actually, besides a huge property damage bill, everyone seems okay.  We get an odd ending for OMAC, a pensive-looking Metamorpho and a Batman who can never have a good time.  Seriously, they just saved their City and the best they get from Batman is that it's not going to end well for anyone.  What a negative Nancy.

I wish I could say more about this issue.  The awesome character building of the first issue was left behind for a pedestrian battle with OMAC.  Sure, it had glimpses of something better, but there just wasn't enough time and space for Andreyko to explore them.  I get it, things have to be wrapped up in a neat little bow by the end, but man, this issue feels like a missed opportunity.

I loved Carlos D'Ando's art again this issue.  Everything from Geo-Force to OMAC's mohawk looked great.  I'll even give him credit for that hideous looking Godmother.  Yuk.

Bits and Pieces:

This issue was a letdown, but not because of anything Marc Andreyko did.  The restraints of the Convergence Event was to blame for what Andreyko didn't and couldn't do.  It's a testament to his storytelling that I wanted so much more and hope that someday we will get it.  Carlos D'Ando's art was great again, but in the end, this issue felt like another Convergence missed opportunity.


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