Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Adventures of Superman #39 Review

Written by: B. Clay Moore
Art by: Gabriel Rodriguez
Cover Price: $0.99
Release Date: January 20, 2014

Exposed part 3 of 3

Superman must save the man intent on ruining him.  Metallo makes sure to tell Carl Hobson he is a pain in the neck and then proceeds to give him one.  Guess who "Mr. Action" is and does Lois Lane know everyone in Metropolis?

B. Clay Moore concludes his three part "Exposed" story and it is pretty much like the first two...mediocre at best. The story wraps up in a way that is neither exciting nor thought provoking.  It just ends.  Superman saves the day, but in the end the "villain" was more pitiful than evil.  He was a sad, misguided man who didn't even have the story right.  

The few villain cameos were cool enough, but not enough to save the day.  The story wasn't beefy enough for one issue, let alone three.  I've read a bunch of times that digital story arcs read better when collected, but I think that will expose the paper thin story even more.  If you haven't guessed it yet, I wasn't a big fan of this arc.

The art was troublesome as well.  I still liked the look of Metallo and a brief glimpse at Bizarro looked cool, but everything else wasn't good.  I mentioned it in the first two reviews of the arc and it still holds true in this issue, I hate the way Rodriguez draws Superman.  Kind of bad in a book titled "Adventures of Superman"

Adventures of Superman #39 ends B. Clay Moore's Exposed story arc and I'm glad.  I wasn't a fan of the arc or any of the issues especially this one.  When I make the argument that digital titles are equalling print titles in quality I won't use these as an example.  However, it highlights a plus for this book in particular...a new story starts next week.


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