Saturday, January 25, 2014

Red Hood and The Outlaws #27 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: James Tynion IV
Art By: Julius Gopez, Noel Rodriguez
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: January 22, 2014

The End Of Magic!  

In the last issue of Red Hood and The Outlaws we find out that this whole amnesia thing was Jason and Ducra's plan from the beginning.  So there's a bit of method to the awfulness that was an amnesiatic Jason Todd.  But methods aside at the end of last issue Ducra tells Essence and us that Jason wasn't meant to have his memory returned until Ra's was defeated.  Now that he has it back early he will die.  So hopefully that doesn't happen, but let's find out as we African Anteater Ritual right into this.  Come on people that was a "Can't Buy Me Love" reference, get on the trolley.

Explain It!:

So Ra's is all empowered with the energy of the Untitled from stepping into the well of sins, and Jason hoping to level the odds a bit steps inside as well.  But according to Ra's this will make no difference.  See the whole reason Jason had his mind wiped, and we had to go through the agony of not having the most interesting character in the book actually be there, was because he had too many demons to contend within him.  All the pain, and anger in his life would weigh him down, and not allow the light within to shine to the top, and allow him to win the fight.  So obvious since Red Hood is back, Ra's will use these demons against him.

With the power of the Untitled, Ra's uses Jason's worst fears, and failures against him.  But as we've seen and known, Jason's greatest strength is to be given a shitty hand, and to overcome.  With this Jason begins using the power against Ra's and shows him Talia.  But this only works for a moment.  The two battle, and Jason explains why Ra's can't hold onto the power of the Untitled.  It's because he doesn't have enough of a soul left to use it.  For every second within the well is agony, and as I said before Jason can overcome it and it's not because of Batman, it's because of his friends, and  Ra's isn't as strong as he would like to think.  Ra's is down, and with magical constructs of his friends Jason performs the move he learned in the Zero Year tie-in in issue #25 on Ra's and removes the power of the Untitled from him.  

At this moment Ducra tells Essence it is her time now, and dies.  The power that Ra's possessed is transferred into Essence, and the magical community all across the universe feels the balance of power shift towards the light.  In the end Essence forces Ra's Al Ghul to let Red Hood, Starfire, and Arsenal leave, and the trio decides that it's time to actually start doing some good for a change.  Woo!  Next month we're back to Red Hood and The Outlaws kicking ass and taking names without all the magical influences.  See you then.

Bits and Pieces:

I really hate to say that I think the reason I enjoyed this issue so much, was because it ended this story arc.  It's a very strange feeling to be so satisfied with an issue, because you know it will become more next issue.  But strangeness aside, this wasn't a bad end, it answered all the questions I had, and left me satisfied with the outcome.  So complete your collection of Red Hood's foray into the land of Magic, and check this out, and hopefully we'll be getting back to the Red Hood who kicks as while taking names.


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