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Weird Science News: Week of January 15, 2014 Edition

Hello and welcome to the first edition of Weird Science News.  Yes, you may be wondering, "Why do we need another site with DC Comic news when we already have (insert favorite comic book website or blog) and (insert second favorite comic book website or blog)?"  To you I say, "phooey" and "You shut up your rag-box an' 'ark to my lay".  Seriously, there is no real reason except I'm bored and you are already here.  So...

On With the News

Justice League United

The Team of Frog, Chimp, Owl and others
Jeff Lemire announced that the title formally known as Justice League Canada will be hitting shelves in April 2014 as Justice League United.  The title reflects the larger scope of the book, splitting time between Canada and Space.  The team will consist of Animal Man, Green Arrow, Adam Strange, Stargirl, Supergirl and Martian Manhunter with other members joining in the future.  Lemire will be joined by Mike KcKone on art duties.  What the book will be "aboot" is still a mystery, but I'm still hoping these guys make an appearance.

Captain Cold joins the Justice League
Clever putting Captain Cold in the back

Geoff Johns' promised a huge shakeup following Forever Evil and here is proof.  The leader of the Rogues and Weird Science's favorite cold powered villain (sorry Freeze) is set to join the Justice League in Justice League #30 in April.  I know what everyone is thinking, and yes, I do think Cold will lead the Justice League.  I mean who else is better than him?  In related news, Lex Luthor is also joining the Justice League in issue #30.

Kyle Higgins dropped from Nightwing

Who is the guy on the left?

Sad news indeed.  Kyle Higgins announced on his facebook page that he will be off the Nightwing book and a new creative team will be announced starting with April's Nightwing #30.  I love Kyle Higgins and as a reader of the book, I can tell he loves Nightwing.  With what is happening with Dick Grayson in Forever Evil, it is no surprise that changes have to come to the book, but getting rid of such a great writer?  It may just be me, but I still think they are killing him off (Nightwing, not Kyle!) and this is just part of the cover up for when the April solicits come out.

New Name, Tony S. Denial

Tony S. Daniel off/on Superman/Wonder Woman

With the Internet going crazy over what DC has in store for April, there are bound to be rumors and craziness flying around.  Well, this was one of those times.  It was reported that Tony S. Daniel was off of Superman/Wonder Woman and doing art on a relaunched Teen Titans.  This was news to Daniel who went on Twitter to tell everyone that the report of his death (as artist on Superman/Wonder Woman) was an exaggeration. Funny, he didn't deny the Teen Titans bit, though. The story also involved current Superman/Wonder Woman writer, Charles Soule being offered the job to write the new Teen Titans, which leads to our next bit of news... 

Teen Titans ending in April

nice tattoo Shaq
Scott Lobdell announced on Comicvine that Teen Titans was coming to an end in April with Teen Titans #30.  Now, I've been told so many times that Lobdell likes to throw misdirects and half-truths out to mess with people's sanity, but this seems true.  He did mention that it was the end for the current incarnation of the team, so a relaunch/reboot/retelling/reunion/renegotiation/reset is probably happening.  My bet is that Tony S. Daniel may be a part of it.  Just saying...

Batman Vs Superman Movie delayed

Best. Cosplay.Ever

Yes, the  Justice League  Batman/Superman movie's release date has been pushed back from Summer 2015 to May 2016.  Filming was supposed to begin in Detroit in February, but was delayed until Spring.  An unnamed source told me the reason was "It's too damn cold!"  You heard it here first.

Well, that's it for now.  I will try my best to keep up with the news, but I'm making no promises.  I may be bored, but that is usually outweighed by my massive laziness.  

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