Saturday, January 25, 2014

Trinity of Sin: Pandora #7 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: Ray Fawkes
Art By: Staz Johnson, Francis Portela
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: January 22, 2014

Light Vs. Blight

In the last issue of the Forever Evil: Blight story, the new Justice League Dark made their way to heaven, to get some answers from god.  While there each of them were given a vision to help them with their emotional burdens, understanding of themselves, etc, etc.  In the end the final piece of the team was added as the archangel Zauriel became the seventh member of the JLD.  So now it's time to go back on the offensive against the evil that lives within us all.  Let's check it out.

Explain It!:

We begin this story with Pandora reflecting on her time in heaven, and the vision she was shown by the Scottish Terrier that is god, or the voice of god for all of you out there that get pissed off at things like god being a dog.  Pandora remembers that in the vision she was asked by a enigmatic voice, "What are you".  The vision takes her into space, where she looks upon all the stars and realizes that each one of these stars is the light that is inside all of us shining through the darkness.  Even though we live in a world of darkness we all chose to shine in spite of it.  This is usually where I'd try to write something funny or clever, but this is just really beautiful.  You made my day Ray Fawkes, thank you.

So enough of the mushy stuff.  As Pandora is having her revelation about becoming the host for the light, the JLD team is getting primed to take on Blight for what they hope is the final time.  As the House of Mystery zeros in on the Duke of Darkness, Constantine calls the play for his team.  Phantom Stranger is to engage Blight directly, Nightmare Nurse will maintain their psychic shields, Swamp Thing's job is to bind, and disrupt Blight's movements, and Dead Man (in the body of the Sea King) and Zauriel are on the front lines.

The doors open on the George Washington Bridge, and Blight and the Six Deadly sins are waiting for them.  The two sides charge at one another, and when Blight and Pandora clash a explosion engulfs the area.  When the smoke clears the team see's that Pandora has become the host for the light, and that the energy of the two in the throws of combat has destroyed the remaining Sins.  Pandora's work is finally done, but will she survive long enough for a victory dance?  Man this is fun.  Pandora struggles with Blight, and as she does she feels the light shining within the people all over the world, and thinks about her vision.  "What are you".  She thought about what she was, but realizes that the past doesn't matter.  This is what she is now.  With this realization she finds the power to free Chris Esperanza from Blight.

The fight looks to be over, and Phantom Stranger goes to his friend to make sure he's alright.  But what they should of done was listen to Constantine, who keeps yelling about killing the kid so Blight doesn't have a host in the physical world.  But nobody ever listens to Constantine.  Too Cockney.  So Chris turns into Blight again, and Pandora and him throw themselves off the bridge and continue to fight underwater, as the team looks on.  Hopefully we can keep this momentum going in the next installment in Justice League Dark #27.

Bits and Pieces:

There isn't anymore room for naysayers of this story.  While it may have started out as a weaker story to the Forever Evil event, it surely has moved itself to the forefront of the tie-ins.  Between this and Constantine #10, I've been blown away, and have been kept on my toes about what they're going to do next.  So if you love the Dark characters, or just good story telling in general go get this, and have a new found faith in what the Dark titles can be.


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