Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Justice League #27 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: Geoff Johns
Art By: Ivan Reis, Joe Prado, Jesus Merino, Vicente Cifuentes
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: January 22, 2014


Do you remember all the awesome stuff that was going on in the last issues of Forever Evil, where Power Ring was going to fight Sinestro, and then in the last issue of Justice League where we were disappointed because even though the cover showed us what we wanted we were given a inside look on Grid?  Holy run on sentences Batman.  So even though we will not be seeing the fight we've been waiting to see, what we do get is the New 52 Doom Patrol, and Cyborg back in action.  So let's check it out.

Explain It!:

Do you know how long I've been waiting for the Doom Patrol to be in the New 52?  About a year and a half, and now I have it right in front of me.  Oh wait, wait...... okay they're all dead now.  God damn it, why can't Eric Shea catch a break?  So Johnny Quick and Atomica murder the first Doom Patrol of the New 52 which included Karma, Scorch, Celsius, Negative Woman, and Tempest.  The only ray of light in this bit of material is at the end of this sequence you see the Doom Patrol's leader Chief say that he has to start over.  So everyone close your eyes and yell out "I believe in the Doom Patrol!", and maybe we'll get what I want.

So onto some Cyborg.  Batman and Catwoman are gone now (presumably to storm the Crime Syndicate headquarters, and get Nightwing back), so we're left with the lump of a man that once was Cyborg.  Dr. Stone, and Cyborg argue about becoming a hero again, because everyone knows instead of having a superhero son, you'd rather have a lump with a mouth.  Luckily Dr. Morrow knocks some sense into Dr. Stone, and the two begin work on the new and improved Cyborg.  But not in the Red Room we know about.  Since Cyborg was first put online five years ago, he's known about the real Red Room, and demands to go there, and have that tech integrated into his lump.  

Right now I want everybody to picture the lump that is Victor Stone, and now pick a great montage song.  Okay if you're ready have a big montage of Cyborg being built anew, with a sleeker, slimmer body, and when your all done with your montage, I want you to picture Cyborg looking down at his new hand and say "Groovy".  Now that we have our first Evil Dead 2 reference of 2014 we can all sit back, and feel a whole lot better about things, like what the government is doing behind our backs, and what they really put into those delicious cheese burger big bites at the 7/11.  Oh Evil Dead 2, your the wind beneath my chubby arms.

Now that Cyborg is better than the Robocop remake coming out, he goes out in search of the creator of Platinum, the robot who went crazy, and Wild West World'd the Watch Tower last year.  Dr. Morrow tells Cyborg where to find Dr. Magnus, and we see one of Cyborg's upgrades to get there.  He's able to jump around like the Hulk.  Yeah it might sound kind of weak, but you can't boom tube all the time.  In the end Cyborg finds Dr. Magnus, and the Doc tells him, he can't help him.  The Metal Men were a failure.  

I'm pretty depressed right now.  No Doom Patrol, and now no Metal Men, I don't know why I even woke up this morning.  Oh well there's always Evil Dead 2.

Bits and Pieces:

This book had promise offering us the chance to see Cyborg back in action, the Doom Patrol, and the Metal Men.  This comes across sounding like the most badass issue of Justice League yet.  But sadly all of that was taken away, and we're left with the opening to the Six Million Dollar Man.  Yes they made him stronger, and faster, but in doing so the book got slower and weaker.  Still we needed this to get where we're going, so I'm remaining optimistic, this is just a lull.


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