Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Superman Unchained Cancelled

The DC Solicits for April came out today and the big news was that Nightwing had been cancelled.  Not to spoil anything, but things aren't going well for Dick Grayson in Forever Evil and the cancellation kind of points to his death.  However, there are three more cancellations, but one in particular is a huge shock.

Scott Snyder and Jim Lee's Superman Unchained will end with April's issue #9.  What the heck?  The book has been really good in Snyder's particular "slow burn" method.  Well, he better pick up the pace if he is going to tie up the loose ends and there are plenty, believe me.

The book is a huge seller with 96,322 issues sold of December's issue #5 and issue #1 being the third highest selling comic of 2013 with 259,100.  I can only guess that Snyder and/or Lee didn't want to continue and DC agreed to end it.

Like I said, Snyder better put it into overdrive to wrap things up with Wraith, Ascension, The Machine and Lex Luthor's prediction that Superman will die at Jimmy Olsen's hands among others.  Damn, the rest of the issues are bound to be interesting.

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