Thursday, January 23, 2014

Birds of Prey #27 Review

Written by: Christy Marx
Art by: Daniel Sampere and Robson Rocha
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: January 22, 2014

Excuse me Sir, I Mean Ma'am

Birds of Prey is an odd book for me.  I like most of the characters and enjoy the team concept.  I just haven't liked the book.  Unfortunately, I am not in the minority.  The book is not a big seller and there is little to no hype surrounding it.  

Birds of Prey #27 is listed as Gothtopia tie-in, but unfortunately that is a little misleading.  Christy Marx spends most of the issue giving us Condor's origin story and the whole Black Canary-Kurt Lance story line.  Let me sum it up simply...we get the origin story of the least interesting (and most hated) member of the group and the Black Canary story is a dud.  I still hate Condor and now Black Canary is turning her back on the team.  Great.

The other part of the issue is actually interesting.  We find out the team's mysterious benefactor.  It is a woman and she is very old.  She has met some of the team before, but it isn't a huge reveal, but who she needs the team to fight next is.  It may be the only exciting thing to ever come from this title.  

Wait, this is a Gothtopia tie-in, right?  Well, we get a final few pages where a generic member of the GCPD shows up to tell the team that everyone in Gotham is acting strange.  The team, minus Black Canary, decide to investigate.  Yep, that's the whole tie-in.  Pretty weak, but I still have hope for next issue.

The art by Daniel Sampere and Robson Rocha is serviceable at best.  It pretty much goes with the title in general.  Not horrible, but nothing special, either.

Bits and Pieces:

Birds of Prey #27 is another below average effort.  I really want to like this team, but the book just goes nowhere.  This promised Gothtopia tie-in is hardly that and instead deals with Condor's origin and Black Canary leaving the team.  We do find out the team's mysterious benefactor and it sets up a battle with one of DC's best villains.  I just hope the writing and art improve by then.


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