Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Justice League #29 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: Geoff Johns
Art By: Doug Mahnke
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: April 16, 2014

Rage Against The Machine

It's late but it's finally here.  Last issue of Justice League we saw Cyborg search out Dr. Magnus, to get the aid of his Metal Men to take down the Crime Syndicate, and free the Justice League from Firestorm's matrix.  Well we saw that and the awesome back story to the Metal Men, if you missed that check out the SPOILED review HERE.  Now it's time to reactivate the Metal Men, and for Cyborg to get a little curb stompin' payback on Grid.  Let's check it out.
Explain It!:

So the Metal Men are all recreated after their bodies were destroyed during their last fight with Chemo, and it's time for a little recap to bring them and us who aren't following the madness of Forever Evil up to speed.  But I'm not going to recap, so quit whining and go read the issues...... or possibly my reviews.  Did I come off sounding too needy?  Oh well back to the story.

So Cyborg and the Metal Men go to Happy Harbor to confront Grid, who at this time has his hands full because Lex Luthor's Injustice League has just infiltrated the Crime Syndicate's base at the same time, now I swear this will be the last time, but if you missed Forever Evil #6 where this went down, CHECK IT OUT.  So all hell's breakin' loose at the Crime Syndicate's base, and Cyborg calls Grid out for their final showdown.  So like any reliable self aware machine that needs to stay at his post to make sure that the Crime Syndicate's control doesn't waver............. well he leaves his post to confront his human counterpart.  I don't think there's a customer service number for this type of malfunction.  

So the fight begins, and the Metal Men sneak attack Grid, but for all their metal power and metal might they don't seem to be affecting Grid all that much.  The fight is paused though when Grid gets a hold of Mercury's responsometer, and wants it to see if it will allow him to feel feelings.  Now it becomes a delicate fight, because if the responsometer is damaged at all, Mercury is dead and there's no bringing him back.  So how hard could it be to get something out of a psychopathic machine's grasp when he's hopped up on the idea of feelings?  Well a little harder than I would of thought because he teleports the Secret Society to his location as backup.  So the Metal Men are all tied up fighting the Society, and Grid joins minds with Cyborg to have their final confrontation in the digital universe.  

As you can imagine we have the whole speech about how Cyborg is a machine in the real world, and is as weak as a human in this world, because he never accepted what he was in the digital world and was afraid of it.  Which you know breaks Cyborg down for a minute, until he realizes that he's the hero of the story and comes back with his own monologue about how he's the bridge between both worlds, tech and human, which makes him in control of this world.  So with a little confidence, and a little bit of a fuck you attitude Cyborg severs Grid's connection to the outside, and traps his consciousness inside his body.  Bam Grid is defeated, and we see as Cyborg turns off the lights in that world that Grid finally feels something; fear.  So cool. 

In the end Cyborg wakes up in the real world and Steve Trevor is there to meet him with Wonder Woman's lasso.  With the lasso and the bond that Trevor shares with her, he can bust the Justice League out of the Firestorm matrix, and the Justice League can kick the shit out of the Crime Syndicate.  But the plan will have to wait because more of the Secret Society show up and knock Steve Trevor out.  Time for Cyborg and The Metal Men to take out more garbage.  Now next week we get another issue of Justice League to get caught up with the rest of the titles in the New 52, but this issue says to be continued in Forever Evil #7.  What this means is we're all still fucked in getting an ending to Forever Evil anytime soon, and all the other titles in the New 52 giving us spoilers before we actually see the book.  Bah.  So come back here next week to see me get all types of pissed off with the post Forever Evil Justice League issue.

Bits and Pieces:

While I was afraid at the beginning of this book that it was all going to be a recap of Forever Evil and then jump us to a cliff hanger ending, I had my fears calmed when it turned out to be the rock 'em sock 'em fight I've been waiting for.  Once again Cyborg is the lead of this title, and from what I'm seeing here, he should be the lead of his own title as well.  It's all very gratifying to see this story work in the same timeline as Forever Evil: ARGUS, and Forever Evil all leading to a grand finale. Only problem is we won't see that until everything has been spoiled by every other title.  But chronological bitching aside this was a great issue, and deserves to be in your collection.


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