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Weird Science DC Comics News: Week of April 9, 2014 Edition

Time for another week of news, kiddies.  On a personal note, I haven't got any resolution on my parked car being totaled by a possibly drunk driver last weekend.  I have a rental car so I can get to work, yippee! Hopefully I hear something soon. News this week included the Jackson Four are lazy (don't tell Joe), Terrell Owens owes some money, a MacGyver villain is being threatened and Shadowfax was put down.  I had my eye on that beautiful steed for quite some time now.  Such a loss.  Oh well...

On With The News

What's Old is New Again

Possibly taking a page from Marvel Now, DC is relaunching existing series with new #1's.  It was announced this week that Teen Titans and Suicide Squad would be relaunched as Teen Titans (original, huh?) and New Suicide Squad (even worse?) this July.  What's next, titles being released weekly?

Will Pfeifer and Kenneth Rocafort will handle the Teen Titans with members Red Robin, Wonder Girl, Raven, Bunker and Beast Boy.  The New Suicide Squad's creative team is Sean Ryan and Jeremy Roberts who will revamp the team with Black Manta, Deathstroke and Joker's Daughter joining Amanda Waller, Harley Quinn and Deadshot.  I love Black Manta and Deathstroke, but Joker's Daughter?  Maybe if I didn't have a
gag reflex I could deal with DC shoving her down every one's throat or I could get a job at the local truck stop, either way I am sick of her.

Amazon buys Comixology

Digital comic sales are increasing and Comixology are the "i-tunes of comics" so it makes sense for Amazon  to buy the platform to increase their iron grip on consumers market share.  I'm sure there are people crying in their rice crispy treats cereal (my all-time favorite), but any way to get comics, digital or print, into more peoples hands is alright to me.  I just hope that they integrate the "customers who bought this also bought" feature so we can see what sick items fans of Joker's Daughter are buying.

So Can We Call Batgirl "Spoiler" Now?

DC loves their little "This Just Happened" press releases so after Eric read and reviewed Batgirl #30, I waited for the "We just spoiled the shit out of Forever Evil and Dick Grayson's fate" announcement.  It never came.  I know things aren't always as they seem, especially in comics, but why would they release this issue ahead of the Forever Evil finale. Which leads me too...

DC Releases Comics Out of Order

Seriously, this has become so bad.  It has always been a bit of an issue ( the Light's Out event had a Green Lantern Corp snafu), but someone is asleep at the wheel over at DC.  The above Batgirl #30 is just the tip of the iceberg.  There is also the whole "First Contact" story with Batman/Superman and Worlds' Finest releases and the "Prelude to Doomed" with Action Comics #30 and Superman/Wonder Woman #7 released out of order.  I'm sure there are more I haven't even thought of.  DC Comics, you are out of order.

Picks of the Week:

Batman Eternal #1  8.0/10 Even if DC spoiled the ending just last week, this was a really good start to the weekly book.

Superboy #30  7.8/10 Eric actually is starting to like Superboy again.  Thanks Aaron Kuder.

Batman Beyond 2.0 #18 9.0/10  Kyle Higgins continues the Justice Lords story and it's awesome!

Another Week, Another News...KRS-Five...out.

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