Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Red Hood and The Outlaws #30 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: Wil Pfeifer
Art By: Rafael Sandoval, RB Silva
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: April 16, 2014

Deadly Robots, Frankenstein, Aliens, Yeah We've Got An Issue

When last we saw our tenacious trio, they were hanging out, relaxing and taking a breather from the world of mobsters, monsters, and the league of assassins.  But the world didn't want to leave them alone, and a group of aliens came to the Outlaws remote island to steal Starfire's ship, and they got Arsenal as a bonus.  So we have Red Hood and Starfire kicking the shit out of an ET left behind to get intel on where the ship's heading, and we have Roy pulling a John McClane in the vents of the ship.  All in all we had a great time and a great issue.  Let's see if the fun can continue and dive right in.
Explain It!:

We start out with Jason and Kori sneaking into the blown up base of the Black Hawks, searching for a "Slip Ship" to steal.  You see this certain ship has the technology that will allow them to infiltrate SHADE HQ, and if you remember from the days of Frankenstein: Agent of SHADE the HQ is a orb about three inches wide.  It's like Doctor Who's TARDIS for you fellow whovians out there, and for those of you who aren't, well do your homework.  The search for the slip ship is pretty boring until a small unassuming man asks Jason what he's looking for and when Jason responds the small man turns into a robotic killing machine.  Just another day for The Outlaws.  Starfire quickly takes the robot out, and the two make their escape in the slip ship.  But this small man death bot is more resilient than he looks, because when they take off he grabs a hold of the ship and goes along for the ride.

Now it's onto SHADE HQ where Frankenstein still hangs out for some reason even though we know he quit at the end of his title's run, and he even makes a point to say he doesn't work for SHADE anymore in this issue.  So I guess this top secret monster hunting agency just lets Frank do whatever the hell he pleases, which I totally understand.  You know how hard it is to get someone to leave that stayed the night after you've been out drinking?  Now turn that person into Frankenstein.  Yeah they'll leave when they want to.  But working for SHADE or not, Frankenstein is ready for a fight when The Outlaws stolen ship enters the hanger too fast, and wrecks up the joint.  So it's what you'd expect, a small fight with Jason and Frank, Kori comes to the rescue, and right when it looks like Jason is going down, that small man/death robot actually saves the day when he grabs a hold of Frank and self destructs.  You expected that right?  So Jason and Kori steal a star ship and get the hell out of SHADE HQ before Frankenstein gets his second wind.  

Out in space, Roy found out last issue that these aliens don't go down easy, when he triggered a small robot he was working on to explode in one's face.  So this time around he's gathered some supplies and uses his archery training for the first time in what seems like forever.  The arrows he shoots into the aliens are attached to a battery, and he fries the shit out of them.  All seems well for Roy and he even gets a call from Jason and Kori saying that they're on their way.  So nothing to do now but sit back, relax, and wait for the rescue wagon.  That would be nice, but karma hates The Outlaw's jerk off faces so it's time for another twist.  If you remember from last issue the aliens that stole the ship had a gun that could destroy all their life on a planet, and brand them so a buyer could claim that the planet was always there's.  Well the buyer shows up on the ship and kicks the shit out of Roy, and we see that the boot that did all the kicking is attached to Lobo.  Old Lobo not new emo Lobo.  So next issue it looks like we get the Red Hood and The Outlaws Vs. Lobo.  Hopefully the fight lasts longer than the one with Frankenstein.  See you in a month to find out who comes out on top.

Bits and Pieces:

While some of the dialogue between Red Hood and Starfire seemed a little forced, I have another issue of Red Hood and The Outlaws that was a lot of fun and that's all I care about.  Just full of off the wall characters, fights with familiar faces, and the stories I've been missing from this title for a long time.  If you were a fan of last issue then get ready to continue on that fun wild ride that Wil Pfeifer has set us on.


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