Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Old Time Tuesday: Adventures of Superman ep 8 "Fuel"

Old Time Radio is so great.  I know it's not all the rage these days with the kiddies, but I love it so much.  I
have suffered from ADHD all my life, but for some reason I can put on OTR, close my eyes and sail away into my mind.  Here is a quick top five of my favorite OTR shows:

5. The Martin and Lewis Show
4. Six Shooter
3. Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar
2. The Adventures of Superman
1. The Jack Benny Show

Of course, this site is about comics so this week we get ep.8 of The Adventures of Superman titled "Fuel". It Originally aired on Febuary 28, 1940 so I guess it isn't about Harrisburg's favorite band who hit it big with "Shimmer" and "Hemmorage (In My Hands).  Nope, you'll have to listen to see what it's about.

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