Monday, May 19, 2014

Batgirl #31 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: Gail Simone
Art By: Fernando Pasarin
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: May 14, 2014

Having Your Roommate's Back

For this issue of Batgirl we're dealing with a continuation of the Batgirl Annual #2, and the main antagonist of that issue, the diabolical Mr. Rain.  Also we're continuing the recent trend of strange horror movie like Batgirl adventures, and you know what?  It's pretty cool.  So let's dive into this Gotham and see what the night has planned for Barbara Gordon and her alter ego.

Explain It!:

Our story begins with Barbara's roommate Alysia and her activist buddies meeting a mysterious man in a bar.  This mystery man proposes that Alysia and her friends break into the Carter Resnik Foundation where it's reported that they test chemicals on animals, and set off a stink bomb of the mystery man's design.  So yeah let's teach these asshole's a stinky lesson about hurting animals.  Only problem is the owner of this building is the notorious Mr. Rain from Batgirl Annual #2, who sends in a terrifying assassin to take care of the "Go Green Guerrillas".

We start seeing Alysia's plan go wrong when in the beginning of the issue Ragdoll has already killed one of her friends, and then another sacrifices himself so Alysia and her girlfriend can get away.  Apparently Alysia's friends and family are pretty limited because after calling the police (who didn't believe her story about a stretchy assassin in a white mask) she uses her time to call Barbara to say goodbye.  Well I seriously doubt that Barbara's just going to let her roommate die, but what a night she's having.  Before the phone call she went and saw her pseudo boyfriend Ricky in the hospital, and while she thought that he was going to break up with her, she was even more surprised to find out the reason he wanted her there was to say he's going to sue her father for shooting him.  Yeah relationships suck.  But we can't worry about that right now because it's time to suit up and save the roommate.

As you can imagine Batgirl swoops in and saves Alysia at the last moment, and Batgirl goes amazon on Ragdoll, I mean totally brutal.  In the end we find out that yes Ragdoll is an awful assassin who says he didn't kill Alysia's friends, only mostly killed them so it's still up for debate, and that Alysia's stink bomb is actually a nerve toxin that would of killed everyone in the building including the eco squad.  Well Ragdoll escapes to stretch another day, and we find out that Alysia and her friends were set up by Batgirl's nemesis Knightfall who wanted to send Mr. Rain a message..... A Nerve Toxin O' Gram.  So there we go, Batgirl saved the day, and Knightfall's getting back into mix.  I might have underplayed Ragdoll a bit in this "Explain It!", but understand, this was a terrifying villain, and I hope we see him again in the future.  See you next month for the further adventures of Batgirl.

Bits and Pieces:

Now I enjoyed this issue, but it seemed a bit to cut and dry.  Now this just might be the beginning of things, but reading the issue it just comes off more of a one shot then something to get excited about in the future.  But I enjoyed it, and hope to see Ragdoll again some time soon.  


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