Thursday, May 22, 2014

Batman/Superman #11 Review and Spoilers

Written by: Greg Pak
Art by: Karl Kerschl, Tom Derenick and Daniel Sampere
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: May 21, 2014

Ticket to the Phantom Zone

Batman/Superman takes a break from it's regular story line to give us chapter three of Superman Doomed. While it may upset fans who just read this book and aren't following Doomed, it is actually a good continuation of the Superman event.

Explain It:

Senator Lane is having a press conference to explain what has happened to Superman while Batman tries to figure out just that.
Batman suspects the Senator is trying to scare the populace while through his inner monologue, we see that Batman is pretty scared himself.  He heads off to the Fortress of Solitude to find out more. Luckily, Superman gave him the front door key.

At the Fortress, he is joined by Wonder Woman and Steel.  They were watching over Superman, but how much protection does the Man of Steel really need?  Krypto is also there and he is as sick as  Steel recognizes his sickness as the same he sustained after facing Doomsday.  Poor Krypto.  Thing is, Krypto didn't fight Doomsday.  He was just around Clark after he was infected.  Batman realizes this is huge. However, before he can do much more, Krypto jumps into the Phantom Zone.  Batman and Wonder Woman follow, but leave Steel in the Fortress to make sure they can get out or close it forever if things go wrong.

It is immediately evident that something is wrong.  The Phantom Zone is beyond Space and Time, a place where you can't "feel", yet Batman and Wonder Woman feel numb, cold, hot and back again. Then there is the fact that it's littered with skulls.  Gross.  Wonder Woman doesn't give a hoot though, she's there to find a cure for Superman and continues on.

The Phantom Zone is not a fun place to visit with Superman's greatest enemies hanging out inside.  After a brief encounter with Non and Mongul where we learn that Zod and Faora are missing (interesting), Ghost Soldier shows up and teleports them all to another part of the Phantom Zone.  Then shit gets real.

Introducing Xa-Du, the Phantom King.  The first prisoner of the Phantom Zone and number one snitch.  He spills the beans on what happened to Doomsday.  He broke the Phantom Zone. He is now merging with Superman and there is no cure.  Case closed.

Speaking of closed, the computer is telling Steel to close the portal to the Phantom Zone, but he ain't got no time for that.  He keeps it open long enough for Batman, Wonder Woman, Krypto and Ghost Soldier to get out.  Oh yea, Wonder Woman also pulls Xa-Du out with her lasso.  Boosh!

Like I said, if you aren't reading Doomed you will probably be upset that your book got hijacked this month. If you came for the Doomed story, though, you should go away happy.  We learn more about Doomsday and how he escaped and get a pretty cool villain in Xa-Du.  We also get Ghost Soldier back and find out what Harrow and The Tower were really up to.  Plus, we get to see Mongul which I always enjoy.

Bits and Pieces:

Batman/Superman #11 is a good Doomed story that really pushes the event forward more than I expected. Regular fans of the book may be upset, but it got me more excited for Doomed.  Maybe I'm just a selfish bastard, but that's enough for me.  Batman/Superman fans not reading Doomed can skip this month, but It's essential to those following the event.


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