Friday, May 23, 2014

Green Lantern: New Guardians #31 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: Justin Jordan
Art By: Diogenes Neves, Marc Deering
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: May 21, 2014

Sometimes Dead Is Better

The last time we stepped into the world of New Guardians we saw Kyle Rayner facing off against his inner demons made corporeal from his time within the Source Wall.  This evil Kyle known as Oblivion simply wanted to make everything alright, you know from the perspective of inner demons and all.  Kyle unleashed power that he never thought possible and un-created Oblivion and everything around him, including himself.  In the end we're left with Carol Ferris wondering if Kyle is truly dead this time, or again somehow survived.  Let's answer that question in this month's New Guardians.

Explain It!:

New Guardians begins with the white energy remaking Kyle on a dead planet across the universe.  Kyle unsure about what he is now throws the ring away, but before he dies from an atmosphere he can't breath in, the ring appears back on his finger and saves him.  Now did he do that, or did the ring?  I don't know because Kyle doesn't know, and that's just one of the thoughts plaguing the new inquisitive Kyle now.  

Kyle walks into a city that's littered with skeletons of the people that once lived there.  Not a piece of life on this entire world, and with the Indigo compassion running rampant through Kyle's mind, he wonders why couldn't there be life?  With every step Kyle makes, life grows in his boot prints, and he realizes what the ring brought him here for a reason.  Kyle burrows deep into the center of the world, and inside a chamber he finds the un-beating heart of a once living world.  As we've been told in the past, Kyle can do a lot of things but bringing back the dead isn't one of them.  Or is it?   He uses his power and planet's heart begins to beat once more, and with it a sentient voice begins talking to our hero.  At this point we dive into a philosophical story about this world Raga.  Raga once had many siblings that wanted nothing more than to provide for it's inhabitants.  But as time went on each world's people ended up killing their world, and Raga thought that if it only provided more he could make his people happy.  But more was never enough, and eventually Raga built a city for it's people to all be together, and once they were Raga killed them all.  This living world planned on stopping the virus that destroys worlds, by planting pieces of himself all over the universe, and once that was done there would only be one life, it's life.  Luckily this rogue planet was taken down by it's brother Mogo, who stopped this mad world.  But now Kyle's resurrected this planet, and throughout it's story Raga begins to get stronger.

Kyle does his thing, and eventually overcomes this world by putting it back into the proverbial ground.  Even though Kyle believed what he was doing was right, sometimes dead is better.  Kyle flies off feeling even more confused than he was when this issue started, and plans on finding answers to what happened to him when he was within the Source Wall.  

In the end we see Carol Ferris tracking down the New Guardians, and asking them to help her find Kyle, who she believes to still be alive.  But the Guardians are busy since one of their own has gone missing, so something bigger may be happening in the world of the White Lantern and the New Guardians.  That's all for now, make sure you come back and see what exciting things Justin Jordan has planned for our favorite Lantern, Kyle Rayner.

Bits and Pieces:

While this wasn't a very exciting issue, the story was enough to keep my eyes glued the entire time.  Very thought provoking, and a little sad actually.  Everything seems to have changed since the last New Guardians Annual, and Justin Jordan is doing his finest to explore the powers and mind of the White Lantern.  I'm completely engrossed and after reading this issue, I immediately want more.  So join my obsession and check out New Guardians.


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