Monday, May 19, 2014

It's So Sad To Say Goodbye

The solicits for August are out and it looks like quite a few books have reached the chopping block this time around.  The cancelled casualties are Superboy, Batwing, All Star Western, Phantom Stranger, Pandora, and Birds of Prey.  Now I'm writing this a bit late and haven't had a chance to talk to Jim about the cancelled titles but three of the books are ones he reviews, and three are mine.  From what I have talked to him about since starting this site is he really likes All Star and Batwing, he just wishes that they were more fun at times, and there's no reason that these books should do poorly.  As for Birds of Prey, we both thought this should of been cancelled awhile ago, and it comes as no surprise.  For my books I'm really bummed because I really think that Pandora and Phantom Stranger are the best Dark books out there, and I don't know what I'm going to do to fill my mystical hole.  Oh yeah mystical hole needs filling, take it as you will.  Superboy on the other hand has been pretty bad for awhile, and even took a beloved character like Kon, and switched him out for the psychotic son of Superman from a future timeline, Jon Lane Kent, and I can tell you nobody liked that.  The only shining light for the Superboy series has been Aaron Kuder's stories for the past two months, but I guess it's too little too late.  So yeah this sucks.  I wonder what books we'll be getting in the future to build up the New 52 roster, and with them hopefully put a smile back on our faces.  It's So Sad To Say Goodbye.

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