Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Green Lantern Corps #31 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: Van Jensen
Art By: Bernard Chang
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: March 14, 2014

Saving Private Mukmuk

Uprising has started and in the last chapter to this arc we saw the Green Lantern Corps take down the combined forces of the Durlans, Khunds, and Nol-Anj on their assault on Mogo.  During this battle we saw that many Lanterns had been replaced by Durlans and had somehow been able to manipulate the Lantern rings.  But Hal Jordan did what he always does best and overcame, forcing his will on the dopplegangers to the point where the rings flew off the impostors and searched for their true wielders.  The bad guys retreated, and it's time to get into this chapter where John Stewart, Fatality, and a handful of other Lanterns follow the searching rings for their fellow Corpsmen.  Let's check it out.

Explain It!:

On Corona Seven in space sector 700 we see the Khund and Durlan forces bickering about the battle they lost.  Ultimately the bickering turns to "Holy shit all those rings are coming for our Lantern prisoners.  Better kill them quick".  But the Khund executioners aren't quick enough because the rings break through to the cell blocks below the planet's surface, and it's go time.  The Lanterns fight back, but with a army of Khund around every corner, it's a good thing that John Stewart, Fatality, and the other Lanterns were right on the searching ring's tails, because it's a welcome backup.

As you can imagine the Corps takes down the Khund, but the Durlan step up to take on their mortal enemy.  But their shapeshifting into giant monsters wasn't advisable because their weight was enough to break apart the floor beneath them.  It's almost like a modified version of Raiders where that swordsmen shows up and tries to look all impressive, only to instantly fail.  Yeah you're right Green Lantern Corps, I should totally watch Raiders tonight.  Moving on.

John finds out that the Durlan's are keeping another prisoner many levels below this cell block and the Lanterns make their way down to find out who the mystery guest is, but it's a shape shifting battle the whole way down.  Now for Doctor Who fans, this final cell at the bottom of this journey to the center of Corona Seven looks a lot like The Pandorica cell created to keep the most dangerous being in the universe inside.  That's it, it looks like the Pandorica, and I thought it was cool....... Start watching Doctor Who if you haven't already.  Well another bit of luck is one of the Lanterns used to be a thief in their life before the ring, and quickly opens the vault.  Inside we get what was a total shock to me. Sodam Yat, the once host for Ion who's been presumed dead for years has been a unwilling guest for the Durlan's the whole time.

In the end John get's Sodam Yat out, and we find out the true schemes of the Durlans.  It turns out they have never heard of a Daxamite, or even the planet Daxam.  But imagine if the Durlan's were able find Daxam, and become the people that come from the sister planet of Krypton.  Some bad shit ahead.  So Mogo wasn't the real target of the attack before in Green Lantern #31, and all the Lantern impostors were made possible from the experiments the Durlans did on Sodam Yat.  Yeah wait for him to get a bit of yellow sun, and see what he does when he joins the battle in the next chapter of Uprising in Green Lantern #32.  See you then.

Bits and Pieces:

Out of all the Lantern titles out there I have always felt that Corps was one of the weakest.  But after reading this issue I'm eating my words, because it was terrific.  Great action, suspense, and a big reveal for Lantern fans in the end.  This issue has everything you want when reading a comic.  So make sure you jump on this Uprising adventure and join the fun, because this story is going someplace I want to see.  Check it out.


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