Sunday, August 24, 2014

Batman '66 #41 Review

Written by: Jeff Parker
Art by: Craig Rousseau
Cover Price: $1.99
Release Date: August 20, 2014

Highly Illogical

Jeff Parker finishes his two part Bat Robot story this week and it's good fun, but also a poke at all of us who are slaves to technology. Give us hell, Jeff.

I mentioned in my review for Batman '66 #40 that I was waiting for things to go horribly wrong with the Bat Robot.  It's a robot designed with the help of a criminal, for Pete's sake.  I had visions of the Joker taking it over and wreaking havoc throughout Gotham. Boy was I wrong.  Jeff Parker does one better by making the Bat Robot (I still like calling it the BatBot) a victim of it's own design.

The issue starts with the Bat Robot the hero of Gotham.  It's thwarting crime, cutting ribbons and basically doing everything but kissing babies.  I'm sure it has, we just don't get to see it.  However, things aren't all peaches and cream.  A riddle is left at the scene of a crime and the BotBot (he, he) uses it's logical mind to figure things out.  Now if you are any type of Batman '66 fan, you know that logic is far from what Batman and Robin use to solve a riddle.  Jeff Parker knows and thus a great finale is underway.

Te rest of the issue is a combination of campy fun and great storytelling.  We get an awesome twist on the window cameo and two of Batman's most iconic villains.  They may have figured out the flaw of the Batbot and use it against him (and a brick wall), but in the end it's proven once again that there is no replacement for the Dynamic Duo.  If that's not good enough, Batman gives a rousing lecture on the ills of technology and computers taking the place of real human interaction.  get off your soapbox, Batman because you aren't...okay, you are right.  Please forgive us all, Batman.

Craig Rousseau takes over on art for Paul Rivoche and I'm conflicted.  I mentioned that the last issue didn't use the motion comic technique very well, but this issue does.  There are a couple standouts in that department, but the art itself was a letdown.  I really didn't like it and wish Rivoche could have finished the arc.

Bits and Pieces:

Jeff Parker finishes his little Bat Robot story in style.  It's funny, but also shows there is no substitute for the real Batman.


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