Saturday, August 30, 2014

DC Comics Best Covers of the Week 8/30/14

There were plenty of books this week so that of course means plenty of covers, as well.  This week's best covers are a good mix of regulars and variants and once again, I really liked a selfie cover.  It's so odd because when they announced them it seemed like a stupid idea whose time had past.  I guess I was wrong.  Next month I heard they are going to have "Teens React" covers.  I can't wait.  These are my picks for best DC Comics covers for the week ending 8/30/14.

Cover of the Week: Secret Origins #5 (Lee Bermejo)

I love Cyborg so it's no surprise that I loved this Lee Bermejo cover.  Cyborg looks so bad ass.  I wish that the book lived up to it's covers, but Secret Origins has been far from any sort of secret.  Oh well, this is "Covers of the Week" not "Jim gets on his soapbox yet again" so I will shut the hell up.


Star Spangled War Stories featuring G.I. Zombie #2 (Howard Porter Variant)

This was a variant cover that may or may not have started as a regular cover...I'm confused.  I do know that I love the "Dr. Strangelove" with a zombie cover.  Howard Porter is so good and this shows why.  It's awesome and humorous.  Now if DC will just put him (or regular cover artist, Darwyn Cooke) on the interiors of this book I'll be a happy guy.

The Flash #34 (Eddy Barrows, Eber Ferreira and Hi-Fi Selfie Variant)

Here is the selfie variant I loved this week.  It's just pure fun, plus it (almost) answers the age old question...does Flash like taking selfies?  Of course he does!  Superman 
certainly looks worried.  Good job guys.

Batman/Superman #13 (Dan Jurgens and Alex Sinclair Batman 75th Anniversary   Variant)

This cover is an indecisive Cosplayer's dream.  "You got your Batman in my Superman, you got your Superman in my Batman".  Wait a second, that sounds more like that movie I saw at last years ComicCon.  Wait a second, that wasn't ComicCon, it was a hotel I woke up in after a night of drinking...I think I've said too much.  Anyway, this cover kicks ass.

Cover Song of the Week: Don't Let Me Down by Diogo Mello (and his Dad)

I love the Beatles and think no band can touch them.  However, one little kid can.  Diogo Mello may be the cutest crooner since Paul Anka or Frankie Lyman. I dare you to watch this video and not smile.  It can't be done.

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