Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Flash #34 Review

Written by: Robert Venditti and Van Jensen
Art by: Brett Booth
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: August 27, 2014

Running to Stand Still

The Flash is one of my favorite characters and books.  I loved Brian Buccelatto and Francis Manapul's run so much and have been pleasantly surprised with Robert Venditti and Van Jensen's take so far.  Yes, this whole "Mash-up Killer" story is getting old and Wally West is an obnoxious ass, but I love seeing Future Flash trying to right his wrongs as the Speed Force collapses around him.  Of course, Brett Booth's art makes it easy on the eyes and worth getting all on it's own.  This issue continues everything I love and everything I'm getting tired of with The Flash.  Unfortunately, there is more of the later this Month.  It's still easy on the eyes.  Thanks Brett.

The whole mash-up Killer seems to be coming to an end.  Barry has figured out who it is and The Flash heads off to confront him.  Spoiler's Detective Seborn.  When the Flash confronts him, he shows how much of a dick he really is by taking his partner hostage.  To make sure we know he's "mash-up", Seborn starts using the various stolen weapons against Flash.  He also monologues about his crimes and plans.  Silly Seborn. Unfortunately, the Speed Force fails the Flash one more time and he gets "nailed".  I've gone on-and-on about my dislike of the Mash-up story, but it's my review so I'll bitch if I want to.  The whole story seems to be a "Where were the Heroes during Forever Evil?" shoutout and it just seems forced to me.

We then get more Wally West.  I did like that Patty is finally showing her frustration about Barry spending his time with everyone but her.  I know it's a matter of time before Barry gets with Iris, but until then give Patty some love.  This issue Barry takes Wally to see his uncle Daniel "Reverse Flash" West.  Barry is trying his best to help Wally and Daniel shows how much of a douche he is.  Maybe that's my problem with the book lately, everyone is a jerk.  Maybe Wally is scared straight, but my guess is he's still a jerk.  Remember, everyone is a jerk.

We finally get to the good stuff, Future Flash.  He's blue, fast and awesome.  He catches up with Reverse Flash, but they both are looking for the same guy.  The Flash.  What what?  The ending promises a crazy confrontation a Flash.  I'm sorry, I had to do it.

Overall, this was another love it and hate it issue.  I loved the Future Flash fighting his way through time to make things right, but I hate the Mash-up Killer plot.  I did enjoy Wally's part more than I have recently, but it was more because of Daniel and Barry, not Wally himself.  Hopefully, after this arc, Venditti and Jensen will give us a Wally West we can love.

It's no surprise that I'm a fan of Brett Booth.  He kicks ass again this month and his electric blue Future Flash is again the highlight. Andrew Dalhouse deserves a nod for his colors that combine with Booth's art to make this one of the best looking books in the New 52.

Bits and Pieces:

This issue is a mixed bag of the drawn out and boring Mash-up Killer story and the awesome Future Flash.  We also get a better Wally West story, but in the end, this issue stalls a bit.  Brett Booth's art makes everything look great, but overall this issue was just "Meh"



  1. Give us a Wally West we love?! C'mon Wally is long dead after the new 52 blackwash. Call me racist or whatever you want. Frankly don't care but I'd kill to bring back the Flash that actually raises me as a comic reader. And that is original Wally West.

    1. When they first announced the new Wally I did get upset over the outrage, but now that he's been around a bit, I hate him. It has nothing to do with race, it's all about character. I hate what Venditti and Jensen have done with him. I'm not sure what their plan is except for a big "Damian-like" turnaround. However, I think they are really on thin ice,

    2. I'm not sure whether this blasphemy was a Venjensen abortion or editorial decision but either way all Flash fans I know are frothing with rage cause Wally was the 80s - 90s - 00s breakthrough.

      Wally was the sidekick who inherited his mentor's identity and outshined his legacy. DC aimed to destroy that success and establish Barry as Flash of earth 0 indefinitely.

      They ensnared themselves in a vicious circle by introducing gangsta Jamal West and they don't know how to coax fans into him so I predict a relaunch within Flash reboot with the help of the time travel gibberish story they write now and Wally will be bleached out thanks to speed force paradox. Pheww they stink!