Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Harley Quinn #10 Review

Written by: Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmotti
Art by: Marco Failla
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: August 27, 2014

Skate and Die

The first rule of Harley Quinn (the book) is you have to enjoy yourself.  Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti make sure of that. Harley (the gal) is outrageously inappropriate and I love her for it.  It's not just fart jokes that make the book so much fun. It's the fourth wall braking pop culture references that crack me up and this issue has both and more.  Skate Club may not have any rules, but as long as it has Harley, Sy Borgman and the rest of the gang, I'm in.

Harley and Sy get ready for their first night of Skate Club and Harley is like the N64 kid on Christmas Morning.  Deadly weapons, no rules, skimpy outfits...yea, Harley's going to fit in just fine.  While Sy lays down some money, we get to see the first fight.  It's brutal, bloody and so much fun.  The beginning is fun, but the ending is downright hilarious.  It's even better because of the what and who of what happens.

Next up is Harley and since she is a rookie, they take it easy on her, right? Come on now. She is paired against the biggest, baddest Momma in Skate Club and even Sy tries to get his bets back.  However, our plucky heroine is not afraid, but that doesn't mean she wins.

In fact, she gets the crap kicked out of her and during a little "just got my bell rung" nap, the issue takes a turn so out of left field it may be out of right field. I won't spoil it because I really have no idea what happened.  It's certainly out of this world.  By the end of the fight, Harley may not win, but it's a morale victory, I guess.

The rest of the issue involves Harley losing out on a hot date, the Skate Club gals going skinny dipping, Harley pretending to star in Ass Jaws: The Revenge and a cliffhanger that promises an awesome teamup.  I can't wait.

Like Magoo, Palmiotti and Conner have done it again.  I laughed the whole time reading this issue and still have a smile on my face now.  I just love this book.

I also enjoyed Marco Failla's art this issue.  He did the Harley Cosplayer part in the SDCC issue which was great and he continues to nail it here.  This book has had a bunch of artists, but each has done such a good job.

Bits and Pieces: 

Harley Quinn #10 is another laugh out loud issue.  There is a reason this book is now coming out twice a's great.  Conner and Palmiotti know what fans want a deliver it and Failla's art keeps the pace.  It may not be PC or appropriate, but it's so much fun and that's just what I want.


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