Monday, August 25, 2014

Just For The Hell Of It Mondays: The Penguin

Being Batman fans, We've been given the opportunity and privilege to see a character we love in all forms of media unlike any other superhero in history and with that we've gotten to see one of the things that makes this character so great, his rogues gallery.  Now when I get to know someone who is a fan of comics or at least knows something about comics, I ask them "Who is your favorite Batman villain, other than the Joker?" and usually I get a big blank stare, or we have to have a couple more drinks so the person can think about it.  Oh I forgot to mention, I pose these questions usually at the bar, when I first start talking to some one.  So for everyone reading this think to yourself or say out loud I don't care, which Batman villain is your favorite other than the Joker?  I've asked myself this question a lot in my life and the one villain I keep coming back to other than Two-Face, is the Penguin.

I love the Penguin and I'm not sure if it's because he's one of the more civilized villains, that acts out of greed or vengeance rather than the majority of Batman's other villains that go more for that whole insanity/Kill The Batman motivation.  Don't get me wrong, I love the psychopathic villains, but their is something special about the Penguin, whether it be from his small stature and obvious physical failings, or that this strange looking villain has been able to continue being a fan favorite for seventy years mostly relying on trick umbrellas.  Trick Umbrellas, yeah it's silly and I love it.  With all this lead up, and what this week's video is about, I just have to say that I'm not a fan of Tim Burton's Batman Returns Penguin to get it out of the way.  Danny Devito's disgusting, horndog-esque rendition of the character didn't do it for me.  Okay get all the cursing out of the way, I'll wait..............  It seems that I'm in the minority with my opinion where I prefer the goofier "Wa Wa
Wa" Burgess Meredith performance.  Hell I remember when we were waiting for news about The Dark Knight Rises and how I told everyone that would listen how I wanted Penguin in that movie as a rival business owner to Bruce Wayne and finally get what I would term as "My Penguin", or the Black Mask, but that doesn't matter for this.

When I was nine years old and I went to see Batman Returns in the theater, I thought it was the most magnificent film I had ever watched.  But I bet every film I watched after that was also the best film I had ever watched and what you take away from that is, you can never trust children.  As I got older I liked the flick less and less and today I wouldn't recommend it for any young fans that might want to check out something Batman related.  Again like I said earlier, I'm in the minority with this opinion.  So with no other Penguin things to look at in Batman movies, I figured we'd look at a feature to Batman Returns with the creation of the Penguin.  I hope you enjoy this character as well and will find this enjoyable whether you are a Danny Devito Penguin fan or not.

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