Friday, February 27, 2015

Deathstroke #5 Review

Written and Art by: Tony S. Daniel
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: February 25, 2015

A Fight, A Fight...An Assassin and a Knight

Do you like fighting?  No, I'm not trying to start my own Fight Club in my basement where we duke it out to win Baconators and Mountain Dew...or am I?!?!  No, I'm here to talk about the latest issue of Deathstroke.  Last week promised an action packed issue, but that didn't really happen. What we got was a nice dose of what the F just happened as Slade was reunited with a bunch of his past mates just before he headed off to Gotham for a little family reunion.  Of course, you can't just show up in Gotham and expect not to run into at least one of it's famous citizens.  Deathstroke got a twofer as he spent time with Harley Quinn before ending the issue with a stare down with the Dark Knight himself.  It was an awesome cliffhanger that had Harley squealing with delight and one Baconator loving comic reviewer waiting with anticipation for this issue.  Was it worth the wait?  Let's see.

If you are one of those fans that sit around wondering who would win a fight between (insert hero #1 here) and (insert hero #2 here) then Tony S. Daniel has an issue for you.  It's the "Chop-Chop on the Rooftop"...It's the "No Pity in Gotham City"...It's Deathstroke versus Batman and it's an extended battle and it's pretty damn awesome.

At first glance, I'm sure some will complain that this issue is really one big fight scene.  Those people are right and wrong.  Sure, there are punches, kicks and swords-a-slashing, but there is also a chess-like strategy going on that is brilliantly highlighted by Deathstroke's inner monologue.  Who can possibly win when both fighters are always five moves ahead.  The answer is nobody.  While I was hoping for a little "They Live" like intermission between Slade and Batman, what we get is just as hilarious.  Harley is at her ADD best and what she does is spot on.

Meanwhile, Deathstroke's kids are hanging out at the Gotham Harbor.  Not the best place to be at night, but I guess when you have killer mind powers or are a deadly assassin, you get to go where you damn well please.  Their initial plans get caught up in a double cross, but that's nothing to lose your head over, right?!?!  The issue ends with Odysseus and friends showing up and making Gotham a very crowded (and bloody) place.

This issue may not push the story forward with every page and word spoken, but it sure was fun. Sometimes it's cool to take a break from the seriousness of an assassin heading off to save his son and kill his father with a fight with Batman.  This was one of those cases.

This series hasn't had a bad looking page yet and that includes this issue.  Tony S. Daniel's art is so good.  The huge fight scene was brutally awesome and I love every single character model on display.  This book has been all about blood and severed body parts and this issue doesn't disappoint on that front either.

Bits and Pieces:

This issue is a superhero fantasy battle fans wet dream come true.  I'm not sure if there is such a person, but the rest of us can enjoy what Tony S. Daniel is giving out as well.  Batman versus Deathstroke in a knock-down, drag-out brawl will always get my recommendation and throw in Tony S. Daniel's art and you have a no-brainer, my friends.  The cliffhanger was not a big surprise, but it promises more bloody action next month and that's fine with me.


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