Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Earth 2: World's End #21 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: Daniel H. Wilson, Marguerite Bennett, Mike Johnson, Cullen Bunn
Art By: Scott McDaniel, Eddy Barrows, Eber Ferreira, RB Silva, Walden Wong, Robson Rocha, Guillermo Ortego, Eduardo Pansica, Paul Neary
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: February 25, 2015

Bad Day At Black Rock

*Non Spoilers and Score At The Bottom*

When we last walked through Earth 2 and thought to ourselves "What a shitty place to walk through", we saw Green Lantern get all Captain Planeted up as he was tasked with taking out parts of Apokolips that were enveloping Earth with plans of dining on it.  By Captain Planeted up I mean that the rest of the Avatars and even the Parliament merged with Alan Scott making him the sole protector of Earth........ Well, at least in the Earth's eyes.  Our Mister Terrific, Sandman, Fury, Mister Terrific team went and tried to commandeer Terry Sloan's ship, but it turned out Sloan was on board and he's the only one who can operate it.  All that and Huntress and Batman locating Oliver Queen.  Let's jump into this issue and see what Bruce Wayne left Helena in case Apokolips ever returned and hopefully see a way to send them packing.  Let's check it out.

Explain It!:

I'm going to start out by saying that the majority of this issue is really about our heroes being fucked and them trying their damnedest to deny that fucked feeling.  I usually go by sections when I review this............ well, when I explain the hell out of it, but here I figure I'll just break down things real nice and simple.  Hawkgirl and Flash are fighting off.......... I guess, the parts of Apokolips that are trying to eat the Earth but nothing is really made clear about it and if there was no dialog there, I'd swear that they were just freaking out over nothing.  Val-Zod, Red Tornado and Power Girl are also fighting off this consuming thing by taking the fight to orbit where the Earth's getting enveloped and Commander Sato is realizing that all hope is lost when she sees that Brainwave has commandeered all her ships and most of her people as a way to make himself Earth's savior.  That's right folks, old Brainwave is playing hero and even though he had to possess and steal to do it, he plans on getting Earth's survivors out of there.  What this has to do with Dick Grayson's son, I don't know but if he's going to get shit done I say go with Brainwave Dick.  Go get your son and fly away because Earth-2 has seen better days.

Out in space, we have Mister Terrific, Fury, Mister Miracle and Sandman on board Terry Sloan's ship and it seems that they're not all working together that well.  Instead of Sloan starting the ship up and flying away like our heroes want him to do, he gives us a little background about how Earth-2 is a feeder planet like his own home world was (remember from the Earth-2 Futures End tie-in we found out that Sloan isn't from Earth-0 or Earth-2 but for some reason it's new to Mister Terrific Five Years From Now even though he says it here) and that he somehow brokered a deal to save his world.  What does this all mean?  I have no idea.  Sloan lets the ship get attacked by Apokolips and as we see it explode he says that it was somehow all part of the plan............... Man, I hate Terry Sloan.

In the end, Huntress and Batman meet up with Oliver Queen and this might just be bullshitty nitpicking but even though at the end of last issue and on the cover here we see him sporting a Green Arrow costume, here he's all Red Arrowed up and I'm left thinking that he wanted some clean clothes on since company was coming over......... Maybe I'm thinking too much about this.  So what was that grand thing that Batman left in Oliver's care for Helena that might save the world?  Well, it turns out it's less of a weapon and more of a goodbye card.  It seems that Bruce was really preparing for the end and with that end it looks like he finally just gave up and left all the information of Earth-2 on two drivers so that the history and even the DNA of it's animals would survive in some way.  Ultimately it looks like Huntress and Batman have just been wasting their time because I really don't see a digital ark saving the day.

That's it for this issue of World's End and while I usually complain about nothing really happening in the issue or the stuff that does happen not making sense.......... I kind of liked this issue.  Yeah, it's just heroes going off to battle and what looks like dead ends for other heroes trying to come up with a miracle, but it was enjoyable.  I don't know if it's just that we're preparing for the end or if it's because I'm on team Brainwave with him saving the people of Earth-2 out of nowhere....... I don't know, I just know that I came away from this issue with a sort of satisfaction and never felt the need to pull my hair out......... Oh yeah, that's a real thing from some of the issues in this series.  We're really at the end here and all seems to be lost and I liked seeing our heroes step up under those situations, especially with some really strong art.  It's not a bad day to be a Earth-2 fan, just a Earth-2 resident.

Bits and Pieces:

This is the part where I usually complain about how the story isn't going anywhere or that it didn't make sense and while a lot of this story didn't really move, I found myself liking it in spite of it.  It truly is world's end here and seeing our heroes doing their damnedest to make some sort of difference was a lot of fun and while I can't say that you'll love this issue, it does it's best to really convey the doom that these heroes are feeling in the last days of their world.


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