Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Flash #39 Review

Written by: Robert Venditti and Van Jensen
Art by: Brett Booth
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: February 25, 2015

Running Down a Dream

I don't know about you, but I have really enjoyed this Flash story.  Sure, it has it's flaws, but it's been so much fun and fun makes the world go round, right?  No?  Well, it does in my world, so there. Seeing Future Barry muck things up as he looks to make things right and Present Barry stuck in the Savage Lands of the Speed Force has been a real treat.  However, my main complaint has been that both story lines are strong enough for their own arcs and by throwing them together, Venditti and Van Jensen (why does it sound so much better with the "Van" included?) are not giving readers the complete awesomeness they want and deserve.  Maybe they have been listening or maybe I should be less pretentious and chalk it up to the plan all along, but this issue gives the reader a great dose of both stories...but is it good?  Spoiler is.  Let's find out how, shall we?

Remember Overload?  If you're like me, you remember him and want more.  A lot more.  Well, the issue starts with just that as we get an origin story of sorts.  It's more of the origin of him being pissed off then anything else, but it's effective in showing us what makes him tick...or buzz.

It's then off to Iris who is being plain awful.  I'm a big fan of Iris so I am not too thrilled with how she's acting here.  She wants to expose The Flash as a ruthless killer and while I don't love this angle, she is right.  Damn her!  I know she is a means to an end to expose Future Barry, but she deserves better.  Speaking of Future Barry, he is close to discovering the where and what that Overload is up to.  If it wasn't clear already, it's now fully obvious it's Overload he came back to stop.

Then we get to my favorite part, the Savage Land of the Speed Force.  It amazes me that some people don't like what Venditti and Van Jensen have come up with here.  The Savage Lands are so cool with robots, dinosaurs and robot dinosaurs and what is better than that?  Up until this issue, I was disappointed by the lack of action, but that isn't a problem this issue.  If you wondered why Selkirk knows how to leave the Savage Lands and hasn't, you'll love (or hate) the answer.  I applaud Venditti and Van Jensen for making it all make sense even if I am upset with what happens.

Back in the present, we find out that Overload hates free Wi-Fi and Future Barry will need a kick ass public relations guy real soon.  I guess he hasn't been paying attention to all the NFL controversy this year, but Overload obviously has and yells out "No More".  The issue ends with both Barrys stuck between a rock and a hard place.

This is another really good issue.  Venditti and Van Jensen reel things in, yet expand on both fronts.  I love what we get on Overload, am interested in how Barry will deal with the backlash his future self is causing, but also am beginning to wonder how he will live to deal with it anyway.  I can't wait until next month.

Brett Booth is one of my favorite artists and this issue makes that look like a good decision yet again. He is a huge fan of drawing dinosaurs and I'm a huge fan of watching him do it.  I'm glad he got to stretch his wings this month, but that's just the tip of the iceberg.  Everything looks great especially Overloads character design which is half the reason I think he is such a cool villain.Kudos also go to Norm Rapmund on inks and the awesome color work of Andrew Dalhouse.  Great job guys!

Bits and Pieces:

I have been a big fan of this story arc from the beginning and this issue is the most complete and interesting one yet.  We get Overload's background, see Future Barry cross the line and find out a dark secret of the Savage Lands.  Brett Booth and the rest of the art team make the book look great and Robert Venditti and Van Jensen really deliver the goods.  I can't wait to see how it all ends and what the aftermath entails.  Highly Recommended.


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