Friday, February 27, 2015

Top 5 Fridays: DC Comics Titles We're Going To Miss In June

I was looking at the solicits for March today and I kept coming across FINAL ISSUE as I scanned through the titles and it really made me depressed.  Yeah, June might be fun with it's new titles and it's new "damn the continuity" attitude........... which I think is a big mistake but that's just me.  I'm just one of those awful people that fear change..... or possibly hate change and knowing that some of my favorite books are coming to an end next month really bums me out.  I'm going to keep this short and sweet so we can just get into the list but I just want to reflect a little bit about how June is going to be a brave new world for DC Comics and maybe it's just me but I think we'll yearn for when we had the books we liked and continuity wasn't a dirty word.  Let's check out with week's Top 5 Fridays and the DC Comics Titles We're Going to Miss In June.

#5.  Supergirl

Supergirl has evolved so much since her beginnings in the New 52....... yeah, it's taken a long time but we're finally away from the angry Kara and even the rage filled Kara and we're finally at the point where Supergirl is something that all of the fans old and new can get behind again........ and now it's over.  I'm really disappointed about Supergirl's cancellation because, well you might find this crazy but I really love the Superman family more than I actually like Superman and with Superboy gone, this is all we had left.  Hopefully after the Supergirl television show hits the air, Kara will find a place in comics again but it will probably be a clone of the version of her on the small screen and I don't think that's what the fans are really looking for.  We'll miss you Kara, hopefully you get a lot of panel play in Justice League United from here on out.

#4.  Red Lanterns

When I first saw that Red Lanterns was going to be a title for the New 52 reboot, I thought to myself that nobody was going to read it and that it was a big mistake on DC's part........ Thank jeebus that I was wrong because this became one of my favorite titles from DC Comics.  Now some might disagree with me here but it really took off in my mind when Guy Gardner became the leader of the Rage Lanterns and I love the new look that Charles Soule gave him......... he's a bad ass that doesn't give a fuck, so of course he's going to let his shit grow out like a crazy biker hobo and we're all going to like it or he'll shove his boot up our asses.  I don't know what Green Lantern: Lost Army is yet but I hope it has something to do with Guy Gardner because it's going to be weird not being able to read about him in June.  I need to let my rage out somewhere.

#3.  Swamp Thing

Swamp Thing has been struggling for awhile and it seems whenever Big Green gets his own title people are all about it but the sales don't match their enthusiasm.  I don't know, I dig Swamp Thing and even loved that terrible movie with that dude with the big cans Adrienne Barbeau as a kid, but it wasn't until I started reviewing the title that I really realized how much fun it actually is.  Yeah, I skipped the title for the most of the New 52, but now that it's going away I'm feeling like a big dummy for not picking it up sooner and I'm really going to miss Alec Holland's adventures with the Green and the other Kingdoms of Earth.  Hopefully he'll find a place somewhere with the new titles in June but as of right now, I doubt it.  You'll be missed Swamp Thing.

#2.  Green Lantern: New Guardians

New Guardians was one of my first favorite titles that came with the New 52 and the idea that I always thought was going to be explored here was that after The Guardians were defeated, Kyle Rayner would put together delegates from each of the emotional spectrum and they'd be in charge of the Universe, like a Corps U.N........... Sadly, this never happened and the entire title became about Kyle becoming a White Lantern and how it's his responsibility to refill the emotional reservoir and the kooky Life Equation adventures that came after.  Now don't get me wrong, I dig what we've gotten but I always wanted to see my initial idea explored and still have hope that one day it will.  The main reason that I have New Guardians on this list is because I'm a huge Kyle Rayner fan and he will be sorely missed if we don't get to see his further adventures explored in June........... Oh man, I hope he doesn't die at the end of this series next month.

#1.  Batman and Robin

Like New Guardians, Batman and Robin was one of my first favorite titles to come out of the New 52 and even after all the nonsense that we had to deal with after Damian died, it still remains one of my favorite titles and it blows my mind that DC would actually cancel this with it being one of their top sellers.  I'm one of those Batman fans that believes that Batman needs a Robin and it's because of this belief that I've always gravitated to this title more than any of the solo Batman books.  Even for people who don't like Damian this book was a fun juxtaposition from what we normally got because where Robin is usually the heart of the book grounding Batman, here we have Batman trying to reach Damian and make him a......... Well, not a killer.  Yeah, we'll have a Damian book in June but without the Dynamic Duo out there kicking ass and taking names, I think that there will be a hole in the Batman lineup of books that this title should be filling.

That's it for this Top 5 Fridays and I'd like to say that Earth 2 almost made this list because that book was my favorite title before World's End started and turned Earth 2 into it's bitch, but then I thought about it and realized that Earth 2: Society coming out in June is really what I've wanted all along from the title, so I'm cool with it going away as long as Society is taking it's place.   Let us know what books you're going to miss the most and have yourself a fun and safe weekend.  Hopefully see you in seven......... I say hopefully because I totally bailed on Top 5 Fridays last week.

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