Saturday, February 28, 2015

Teen Titans #7 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: Will Pfeifer
Art By: Kenneth Rocafort, Dan Brown
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: February 18, 2015

Time Most Certainly Is Not On Their Side

*Non Spoilers and Score At The Bottom*

When we were last fighting crime in New York with the Teen Titans, (You have your reality and I have mine) they picked up a new member in the form of Tanya Spears the new Power Girl and it didn't go as well as getting a new teammate should have.  First off Tanya criticized how the team operates and how they like to take some time after stopping evil to congratulate themselves on a job well done......... While I might agree with Tanya, that isn't the thing you want to hear from a new girl that you want on the team.  The issue had an explosive ending though when the new STAR Labs facility on Governors Island actually exploded in a mushroom cloud from a group of terrorists who needed to blast to the secret lower level of the facility to gain access to some of the most dangerous weapons in the world.  Now it's up to the Teen Titans to stop them and hopefully Power Girl will get off their cases.  Let's check it out.

Explain It!:

Our issue begins with our heroes teleporting to Cassie's apartment to gather her and Power Girl and then teleporting to the mushroom cloud site of STAR Lab's former facility on Governors Island.  Now dig this, these terrorists that detonated this bomb tell us that this is a very special kind of nuke that takes any kind of radiation it puts out and uses it towards a bigger explosion and somehow this makes it so that there isn't any fallout in the area.  Which is very convenient, especially for our heroes because they just go in head first without worrying about things like radiation poisoning............ Idiots.

After Cassie flies in and grabs one of the terrorists for interrogation, we find out that the group are stealing a device to erase Manhattan from the face of the Earth and we also find out that's not all they're stealing.  When Manchester Black says that it would take weeks to plan this attack, our terrorist disappears......... You see they also stole a time stopping device that I don't quite understand, which they activated and apparently our heroes have spent weeks stopped in time and their terrorist captive has escaped.  Some Weird Ass Science going on in this issue that's for sure.  Don't worry though, the team isn't completely useless when it comes to this time stopper device.  Using extreme concentration Raven is able to stave off the time attack and for some reason Beast Boy turning himself into a mayfly allows him to be unfettered from the time trouble.................because of it's short life span and how it realizes time or some such nonsense.

In the end, Raven and Beast Boy find the terrorists and beat the hell out of them before they finish them off by teleporting the rest of the team there and stopping them from activating the eraser device and saving Manhattan.  The team gets further accolades when they realize that the terrorist's hologram device that they used to threaten all of New York with is turned on and now everyone sees that the Teen Titans are the reason that they're still continuing to be *Insert Negative New Yorker Stereotype Here*.  So all's well that ends well but it doesn't look like our heroes will get off that easy.  As the issue closes we see the paddy wagon taking those eraser happy scientists/terrorists away but the leader of the group breaks free and it's possible he's a terminator of some sort because he walks away from the overturned police van with half of his face on fire and he seems pretty cool with it......... Lousy Terminators with their metallic endoskeletons covered by living tissue.

That's it for this issue of Teen Titans and while I love our young heroes out there tackling evil like they do, this whole pseudo celebrity thing that DC's been pushing with their heroes lately really isn't something that I can get behind.  I understand that superheroes are bound to gain some notoriety but it seems to be the whole focus lately......... Did everyone go to Booster Gold's superhero school in the New 52?  Also, I'm all for heroes overcoming situations but when we're told to believe that a mayfly is able to continue to move while time is stopped because it happens to have a short life span....... Why I say no sir, just no.  This is probably all sorts of nitpicky bullshit but it really rubbed me the wrong way and Teen Titans just isn't the title that I want it to be.  I'm not a fan of the art and the stories are really lacking in my opinion and it makes me long for the days of the first Teen Titans series in the New 52 that everyone complained about.

Bits and Pieces:

Teen Titans continues to be a title that just doesn't live up to my expectations as a fan of these characters.  It's continually trying to make our heroes crave the limelight like Batgirl and this whole pseudo celebrity take that our heroes have been leaning towards just makes me less and less interested as the series progresses.  While the Teen Titans series that came before this was riddled with problems, I find myself wishing we were back with that.


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