Monday, April 4, 2016

Holy F*ck Vol 01 TPB Review - Just for the Hell of it Mondays

Crucify This

Written by: Nick Marino 
Art by: Daniel Aruda Massa
Cover Price: $14.99 ($5.99 on Comixology right now!)
Release date: April 8 2015
Publisher: Action Labs Danger Zone

I'd like to welcome Branden to the fun of the Just for the Hell of it Mondays reviewing game. If you listen to our podcast, then you already know Branden first from his mail, but now for his Guerrilla Review segment.  It was only a matter of time before I forced him into a written review and here is the first of what I hope is many...Holy F*ck from Action Labs Danger Zone...

I’ll start by admitting I’m a newbie to the independent comic book genre. I decided to start my new journey into the jungle by looking for something that would satisfy a side of my sense of humor the superhero comics of Marvel and DC tend to miss.  In case you're unaware this is Weird Science DC Comics. Now that you're reminded where you visited you have an idea of where my sense of humor lies on that imaginary scale so let’s get back to reviewing business.

 As I booted up the tablet and checked out the endless independent titles on Comixology I found a starting point in a book published by Action Lab Danger Zone titled Holy F*ck. There wasn’t much science involved in my choice it was chosen mostly out of shock value, hey I’m a simple man.  I would begin give you a cover of the book summary as an action story staring Jesus … but this not your Grandma’s Holy Savior folks.  If you are easily offended of religious satire this might not be your “cup of wine” but like me if you always fall for that crazy girl well pretty much anywhere keep reading and thank me later.  

Holy F*ck is not a new book (it was released in April of last year and a sequel has released since titled Holy F*ucked) so I’m not breaking any new ground here but the premise struck me enough for it to jump to the top of my read pile and I’ll spoil this at the start I was not disappointed.  

The story begins with a Nun being tortured and interrogated by Zeus and Isis former gods looking to reclaim old glory.  They don’t get too far before were introduced to one of our main protagonists of this story Jesus Christ himself.  Now as I said earlier this is not the Jesus your family celebrates on Sundays. No-sire-Bob this Jesus has a cross tattoo on his chest, a fondness for heavy weapons, and doesn’t believe in waiting until marriage if you get my drift .  His skills allow him to dispatch Zeus and Isis while rescuing the damsel in distress without much help, at least were initially led to believe. 

Here is where Marino’s story is thrown into a few flashback sequences to establish the world and people we’re dealing with while we catch up with our current story and I love it all. Massa’s art suits the tone of the story perfectly and the jokes have an over the top 80’s action movie feel to them. 

Needless to say that 80’s feel is more than welcome around here. We end up finding out the big elaborate plan for “forgotten gods” is take back the earth and regain the prayers and praise of the people who have forgotten them. On the side of Jesus is the Nun he saved, a small winged fanny pack sporting Satan with some sweet weapons of his own and his “wheels” acquired through sweet sweet vengeance. Oh minor story fact Jesus and Satan may be more than friends.  

Bits and Pieces:

Anyways I’m not going to spoil it all for you partly because I suggest you need to read it on your own and Im not giving it’s over the top nature its due justice. Since where all friends here I also only finished the first 50 pages for this story to beat the JFTHOIM deadline  …  but as soon as I’m finished with this review, the NCAA basketball game is over, and my ADD stops controlling me I’m back to finish the next 50 pages you can believe that and most likely the sequel too. Not a bad start for my first foray into the independent jungle.


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