Friday, April 8, 2016

The Legend of Wonder Woman Chapter #13 Review

Written by: Renae De Liz
Art by: Renae De Liz and Ray Dillon
Cover Price: $0.99
Release Date: February 3, 2016

Looking back at my past reviews, it's funny that I was so concerned with how this book would be once Diana left Themyscira and ventured into the Outside World.  It's not that I thought Renae De Liz wouldn't be able to handle it, I was just loving the whole younger Diana stuff so much.  Well, I guess I shouldn't have been worried at all.  While we are still seeing Diana's first steps, it's been so good thanks to the introduction of Etta Candy, but also the promise of a dark mystery involving some historical pseudo science.  Plus, just having Diana in this new, unknown setting (for her, at least) is like getting another awesome origin story on top of the last awesome one.  Awesome!  If you remember the end of last chapter, Etta was dressing Diana for success so the two of them could head into town to find out more about Nazi Sasquatches, Necromancers and Amulets, oh my.  Sounds exciting, but is it good?  Let's find out...

This issue starts with Diana, Etta and their friends heading into town and we get a little glimpse of the trouble Diana is having adjusting to her surroundings, but also the things she finds familiar.  Well, as of right now, Etta's friendship might be the only thing familiar, but Etta is trying to get her up to speed on other things like clothing and makeup and the American Way.  Diana has a lot of questions (and hangups), so I give Etta all the credit in the world for her patience and overall awesomeness.

After a really cool Plastic Man shoutout (thank you!), we get to meat and cheese of the chapter and it's got another cool cameo, but again, Etta steals the scene.  While she goes nuts about her family's add running in the paper, Diana talks to a certain reporter about the "Duke of Deception".  She finds out that of all the stories that the paper has run, this may be the only one with some credence and unfortunately, still points at problems back home.

The issue ends with me really wanting to see this add that Etta is so up in arms about and Diana vowing to head off to war torn France to have a chat with the Duke of Deception.  However, before she ships off, Etta wants to treat her to a movie.  I know that doesn't sound like anything big, but I have a feeling that it will open Diana's eyes to a lot of things.

This is the beginning of a new, three part arc and it shows.  It is setup, but that goes with the territory of these Digital First chapters that will be collected for print.  That's not saying it's bad because I have never had any reason to use that word with anything De Liz and Dillon have given us yet, it's just that not a whole lot happens here.  We do get a cool cameo and Etta being Etta, but little else besides Diana confirming what she already feared.  Still, for the price of admission, that was more than enough to leave me satisfied and wanting more.

I really must sound like a broken record because this entire series looks fantastic and this issue is no exception.  I always love it when we get a flashback or dream sequence because of the dreamy quality of the art and while this issue's is dreadful in content, it looked so good.

Bits and Pieces:

This chapter starts a new arc in the story and because of that is setup heavy.  That doesn't mean you should avoid still has some cool cameos and any issue with Etta Candy is worth the price of admission.  The art is as fantastic as usual and it looks like Diana is eventually headed to war after confirming that her biggest fear may indeed be true.


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