Thursday, April 7, 2016

The Legend of Wonder Woman Chapter 12 Review

Nazi Sasquatch

Written by: Renae De Liz
Art by: Renae De Liz and Ray Dillon
Cover Price: $0.99
Release Date: January 27, 2016

The last chapter of The Legend of Wonder Woman took a big step forward in Diana's life as she is now in "Man's World".  I never liked that name, so it was awesome that we get the best character in the series so far, besides Diana herself, and it's no man, baby...It's Etta Candy!  If you want to see me gush over her, just go back to my last review, but she is awesome and that's all you need to know going forward.  She is so awesome that I didn't even mind that we got the least Diana of any chapter of this book so far.  That all changes this week, but don't worry, we still get Etta.

The chapter opens with a dream sequence that may or may not also be a flashback and it is beautiful and continues the idea of the darkness that Diana senses is hiding behind everything in this book.  It starts off innocent enough with Diana talking to her mother, Hippolyta, about the creation of the universe and the good and bad that are always fighting for control.  As the scene goes on, it gets darker and darker and ends with Steve Trevor and Hippolyta blaming Diana for just about all the misery in the world, or at least what she's had her hand in.

I really liked this opening as it gives a little focus back on what Diana has been dealing with and trying to figure out since this book began.  Things have changed drastically (especially the last couple of chapters), so it's a nice reminder of a mystery that will become a little clearer this issue.

Back to the story, we find out that Diana isn't the only one with problems as Etta busts in and is in a tizzy.  It's a good character bit where we learn that Etta has tried to get away from her family's grip and responsibilities, but she hasn't fully succeeded.  It kind of sounds like a certain Amazonian Princess...

Such a fun scene is interrupted by the cold, hard truth of what is going on in the "real world" and I have it in quotes because the newspaper story that catches Diana's eye is fantastical to be sure, but ties into both her earlier dream and the mythos of the Amazons...and most importantly, her mother.

It's back to the fun when Etta finds out that Diana is a princess and fills in all the details that Diana is not giving up.  Hilarious!  It all ends with Etta telling Diana they will visit the newspaper to find out more about the story, but not before she takes a bath and let's Etta dress her...MAKEOVER!!!

I dare to say that this issue is just setup because it's also recap that moves the story forward into a mystical/historical mashup (which I love) and solidifies the friendship of Diana and Etta (which I can't get enough of).  So, calling it just "setup" wouldn't be right and my score will reflect that.

The art of De Liz and Ray Dillon is as good as always and the dream sequence was a nice touch to get back to the look of some of the earliest issues.  However, any time that a Nazi Sasquatch is in a book, there is no doubt that it is the highlight of that issue!

Bits and Pieces:

The Legend of Wonder Woman continues being my favorite Wonder Woman book and one I can easily recommend to anyone.  This chapter is a great combination of setup, character moments and the hints of a very dark future that has me excited as ever going forward.



  1. Wait so is that supposed to be an anti-axis poster by the Allies or is the Shaggy Man a Nazi now?

    1. combo of is reported in the newspaper as such