Friday, April 8, 2016

Matty D's Weird Science DC Comics Podcast Drinking Games

Hello and welcome to the long promised Matty D's Weird Science DC Comics Podcast Drinking Games post.  Believe me, I know how hard it is to get through our podcast in the best of times, but now there is a solution.  The following will be an ever expanding list of drinking games to make the podcast fly by.  Drink whatever you wish, but don't blame me if you wake up the next day, hungover with a one-armed He-Man action figure stuck up your ass!  Enjoy and if you have any games you'd like to add, email us at or put them in the comments section below.

PS: I promise that for one podcast, Eric and myself will play along and see where that leads us!

The Eric Shea Bingo Blast!

Just print out the bingo card and every time Eric says one of the words, cover it (use a bottlecap, coin or whatever the hell you want).  When you get Bingo, slam a Beer or choice of beverage.

"Aye Yigh Yigh."

This one is pretty self explanatory, but can lead to a whole bunch of slamming.  Every time Jim says  "aye yigh yigh", chug!  If Eric says it, chug two beverages.


  1. Something tells me that if I even attempted this that I would indeed punch my last drink ticket.

  2. Awesome looking forward to playing with the next podcast . Boosh