Wednesday, April 6, 2016

iZombie Season 2 Episode 17 “Reflections of the Way Liv Used to Be” Review and **SPOILERS**

Director: Michael Fields
Writers: Bob Deaden
Release Date: April 5, 2016 

Let’s catch up!

Last week we ended with major Major issues. Ravi confronted Major about being the Chaos Killer. Major zombies the fuck out, Ravi drops Major with a dose of his own medicine, in this particular case, the dose that Major uses to knock out the zombies on his Max Rager supplied kill list. These sons of bitches knocked it out the park as always. 

Explain It!

So let’s get tonight’s case of the week out of the way early. It involves the murder of an overachiever who was running for student body president. Turns out she got pinched for slanging Adderall on campus and was now working as a CI for the shady ass detective who used to be the photographer on Just Shoot me. He also happens to be the partner of Liv’s missing man hunk Drake. Turns out dude has a slew of CIs that he is working. In this case it was the CI that was working him that killed old girl. He was also slanging Utopium for Blaine’s crew and gets killed by the monstrous mute zombie only known as Chief. Somehow this shit is all going to wrap up cleanly and homeboy from Just Shoot Me is either going to be working for Mr. Boss or a new ally for the gang.

But let’s get into the fly shit before going down speculation lane.

We join Ravi and Major moments after Major comes to. Ravi being the fine British gent that he is somehow remains calm and collected despite just finding out that his roomie and ace is the Chaos Killer and just reverted back to his zombie form. Like any good friend Ravi is there to listen. Major breaks it down. Max Rager, Clark Du Vaughn, blackmail, frozen zombies, etc. Ravi, always loyal to Liv suggests that Major inform Liv of his activities, but we all know Major can’t do that because Liv is on some goody two shoes bullshit and will wind up getting them all killed. Major has a better plan. Turn Clark, test the zombie meds on him and see what’s what.

Meanwhile, Liv and Clive are working on the case of the week, she is all hopped up on overachiever brains and is starting to realize how empty her life was before becoming a zombie. Now she has purpose, now she has real friendship, and now she doesn’t need your fucking affirmations so fuck off with that bullshit already. She is also still trying to find out where the fuck Drake is, because he isn’t hitting her with hotline blings anymore (see what I did there – I hate that fucking song).

Clive is dealing with some romance issues of his own. His FBI lady friend has filled out an application to the bureau on his behalf, because she isn’t gonna be in Seattle forever and she is still going to need that good Clive dick when she gets back to Alexandra. Clive is thinking about it too, I bet FBI strange is awesome strange.

Glinda/Rita is locked in the zombie cages in the Max Rager basement, not sure if her daddy is planning on doing experiments on her, or just keeping her safe.  I do have to say, I like her with the white hair much more than that ginger bullshit she was rocking. 

Blaine is still lost in the land of amnesia (which sounds like a fucking Genesis song) and is still the best thing to happen to TV since color. He is going through his emotional inventory, troubled by what a major shit bird he had been and giving the occasional sideways glance at his cronies who are now trying to get over on him because they think he is a simp. I kind of feel like he is running the long con right now, because he is the best character in the history of TV and is just that patient and smart.

Speaking of the FBI lady friend. Turns out that we have a case of Chekhov’s dog. Remember the article that hipped Ravi to the fact that Major might be the Chaos Killer?  Well the vet was examining the dog for Major, before Major freaked the fuck out and broke out with the dog read that same fucking article. She just dropped major dime on Major and now FBI lady friend is on the move.

Major has popped into Max Rager to pay a visit to Clark Du Vaughn and start from scratch if you catch my drift (he is going to scratch Clark to turn him into a zombie), but right as Major arrives, Clark’s head of security comes in and whispers something into his ear. Clark decides it’s time to take a walk and blam the feds rush the place and arrest Major. While Major is getting cuffed he temporarily zombies the fuck out, but not before thinking better of it.

Fade to black

Bits and Pieces:

Next week is the two episode season finale. Few predictions:
  1. Major dies in prison.
  2. Clark Du Vaughn is in cahoots with Mr. Boss.
  3. Clive is ready to leave for the FBI, but he finally finds out about the whole zombie thing and decides to stay and take it to the end. His lady friend dumps him because of this.
  4. Blaine runs the long amnesia con all the way to the end of the episode, before dropping the bomb on his people in the most Blaine way possible.
  5. Ravi fucking snaps.
  6. Liv’s family who has been conspicuously absent all season comes into play somehow and this time she let’s them know she is a zombie.
  7. I cry because it will be another year before I get to hang out with the cast of iZombie again.
  8. I feel weird when Rose McIver (Liv) drops a voice over at the end of the episode in her thick Irish brogue.
  9. Everyone but Liv continues to not give a fuck about Drake.
  10. The writing staff of iZombie reads this review and realizes that they need someone with my ear for dialogue and curse words to be a script adviser.

Why 8.7? Why the fuck not, that’s why.

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