Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The Omega Men # 10 Review and **SPOILERS**

Written by: Tom King
Pencils by: Barnaby Bagenda
Colors by: Hi-Fi
Letters by: Pat Brosseau
Cover by: Trevor Hutchison
Price: 2.99
Release Date: March 30, 2016

My love for the Omega Men is well documented in the archives of Weird Science history. It is known. Now, last time I had some problem with the issue, but my faith is not shaken. I fully believe that this book is something special and that this issue will be something special. Last we heard, Kyle Rayner had failed to prevent the all out war between the Citadel Empire and the Omega Men. What will befall our heroes next? Whom will Kyle choose to cheat on Carol with next? Only one way to find out ladies and gents, only one way to find out.

Our story begins, this time, with war.

The Omega Men have officially started taking the war to the Citadel and Kyle Rayner has joined them. Now, straight out of the gate I didn't like this. Why? Because Kyle is meant to be the hero of the story, not a soldier. However, I after reading the entire issue, I changed my mind, and I'll explain why at the end. Anyways, the fight goes on and although Kyle starts getting exhausted, his side manages to push forward and forward.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the galaxy, the Prime Minister is being questioned about his sudden and continuous losses. He is told that if he does not turn the situation around he will be facing an inquiry about his participation in the genocide. Yet, he cannot stop it and his continuous loses are driving him mad. 

Kyle, on the other hand, is driven crazy by own failure to produce a viable alternative to finding. Yet, that is not his only problem. Kyle comes to understand that the princess has manipulated both events and people in order to begin the Omega Men movement. Suddenly, his morality is not the only thing in question, but so is his love.

Yet the Omega Men soldier on. And finally they win the planet.

In the middle of the celebration, while everyone is joyous, someone calls him a hero. You can read his reply above. This is the part where the whole turned for me. Because this is the part were I understood that the comic understood; that they knew what they were doing with their characters. Anyways, I'm excited as hell to read the next issue.

Bits and Pieces:

If I was to summarize this issue in one word, it would be fallout. This issue is the fallout of everything that happened before in the series and now every character is powerless to affect the bloody outcome. And it just works. Tom King's writing works, Barnaby Bagenda's art works. There's almost nothing that I could complain about here. That said, it also didn't really break any new ground, or say something relevant about life or something like that. So I'm gonna take a page out of Eric Shea's playbook and give this issue a...



  1. I'm just curious as to how all of this is going to pan out at the end of issue #12.

    1. Some quote from the Duke of Wellington about death and if war is worth it i would assume