Monday, February 6, 2017

Bullseye #1 Review - Marvel Monday

Ace of Spades!

Writer: Ed Brisson, Marv Wolfman
Art: Guillermo Sanna, Guillermo Sanna, Miroslav Mrva, Alec Morgan, Frank Martin
Letterer: Clayton Cowles
Cover: Dave Johnson
On Sale Date: February 1, 2017
Cover Price: $4.99

We haven’t seen Bullseye in a long time. He has a new title and will likely kill lots of people. Let’s get into this and see if it’s worth the cover price.

On the job, Bullseye was sent to kill an informant in witness protection. He has no problem murdering FBI agents with the signature ace of spade cards and using kitchen utensils.  This allows Bullseye to kill the informant in an upscale way. This sets the FBI Agent named Joy, who lost her husband in the massacre, to pursue Bullseye on her own means without the FBI.

Bullseye who hasn’t been around wanting to make up for lost time by finding a big job. His agent he meets with offers him a job working for the Colombian mob boss, Mister Losani. Bullseye seems to think the job is big enough and accepts. During this whole exchange, there’s ineffectual violence tossed in to show off Bullseye aim.

Bullseye meets with Mister Losani that night. We learn the name of the gang holding his son, The Black Knife gang, who have ties to every other gang in Colombia. 

This issue ends, Bullseye lands in Colombia and leaves his mark to let everyone know of his arrival.

But wait! There’s a backup story from Marv Wolfman showing us story based in New Jersey. Caught off guard,  a gang captures Bullseye. He has to find a clever way to escape. Unfortunately, nothing to take from this story, that could’ve given insight into the main character or story a tad bit.

I’ve you been waiting for Bullseye to get his own title you may be in luck. This could turn into a procedural and become predictable. The plot provided isn’t engaging enough to seem that big of scale. The backup story from Marv Wolfman is forgettable and a missed opportunity focus on the FBI agent to give her some development. With a price point of $4.99, hard to say readers would want to return. One redeeming factor to the book is the art from both creative teams.

Bits and Pieces:

Readers may enjoy the method of his technique to kill people with random things. But the story seems dull for this being the big return of Bullseye. That said, the art throughout the book helps makes up for the lack of a strong plot and backup story.


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