Monday, February 6, 2017

Nova #3 Review - Marvel Monday

Attack on Nova's

Writers: Jeff Loveness & Ramón Pérez
Artists: Ramón Pérez & Ian Herring
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: February 1, 2017
Review by: Carl Hamlin

The Nova’s have fallen and it looks like the group of mercenaries that have attacked them have won. Sam and Richard aren't going to take this lying down, but do they have what it takes to take down the mercenaries before they blow up Knowhere?

This issue starts with our Nova’s flat on their back and right when the mercenaries are about to claim their prize of the Nova’s helmets Cosmo comes to the rescue. Unfortunately the rescue didn't go as plan because the robot dude didn't have an organic brain and blasts Cosmo back. Now back on their feet Sam is pissed and goes to town on the Tony the Tiger wannabe:

but it wasn't enough. Rich however has had enough, first the dog and then the kid he unloads on them, but the robot dude tells him about plan b, there is a bomb somewhere on Knowhere that he'll detonate if they do not surrender their helmets. The gig is up Sam and Rich are ready to give up, or so it seems. Rich had Cosmo searching for the bomb while he stalls:

This is the funniest part in the book, Richard basically using anything that comes to mind as a speech and Sam mentally calling him out on every reference. The time comes and Sam goes off to stop the bomb and Richard attacks, unfortunately for the mercenaries he has a secret: 

This is the most intriguing part of this story, how long can he hide this from Sam and what will come of this? Will he lose control and a battle between the Nova’s happen? This has made this book super interesting and could have ended here and would have been perfect. Sam couldn't handle the bomb and Richard, after defeating the mercenaries had to come save the day, zombified and all. This issue ends with Richard telling Sam to go talk to his girl, and he has a girl he needs to talk to as well.

Bits & Pieces

This issue was amazing, the jokes mixed in with the storyline made this book extremely enjoyable. The best ones were about Tony the Tiger and bashing Spider-man always going on about great powers blah blah blah. I love this book, and with Rich having his cancerous secret I can't wait to see what happens with it. The art in this book is on point and all the action scenes were flawless.


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